theory confirms that Pietro is not Mephisto

In WandaVision Pietro is presented to us as someone very strange, but despite what everyone thinks, there is evidence that shows that he is not Mephisto.

WandaVision has shown us that we cannot trust anything we see in the series and it is thanks to this that many theories have emerged about what is really going on in this story and one of those theories is that Pietro is Mephisto.

Although it might make sense in a way, the reality is that there are more clues pointing to Pietro not being Mephisto at all, but it really is a person who returned from the dead.

All thanks to a mutant power

In episode 6 of the series we can find a very rude Pietro with Wanda, who seems that he just wants to annoy her or that he does not respect her at all. That could give us to understand that he is not who he says he is, but that it could be someone (Mephisto) taking his place … or not?

A theory that I came up with from a Dance Dance Revolution song shows us that Pietro really is himself, and at the same time he is not. How is this possible? Very easy, because the character could have been revived thanks to the powers of a mutant that many forgot is important in House of M.

Here you have the complete theory on video, from a server.

This means that we have been seeing the series in the wrong way this time, because Wanda would not be the one who is reviving living beings, but that is the task of the mutant known as Butterfly. A mutant with the powers to make people recover their memories and with the ability to revive living beings, but without a soul and without empathy, basically making them sociopathic.

The fact that Vision and Pietro can be seen with their death wounds and as zombies could make us understand that they are alive but without a soul, just what seems to happen with Pietro and his bad attitude and with Vision, who had never yelled at Wanda.

Without at doubt it is a theory that changes everything we knew and it is thanks to a song by Dance Dance Revolution.