their support the last 4 seasons

Changes continue to the most awarded League of Legends ensemble in the world and in history. T1 is being completely renovated, since after announcing the signing of 2 world champions by 2021, now says goodbye to a team legend.

Maybe not because of raising Summoner’s Cups, but because of his trajectory. Efort says goodbye to the team after 4 seasons in the team, half of one as a substitute, and 2 LCK titles in the playoffs.

The young support of 20 years He was one of the great figures of T1, but after a bad year in which T1 has not raised the LCK or qualified for Worlds, the organization has decided to make changes in the support position.

In fact, Faker’s team has already announced Keria as a replacement for Effort, which could be considered an improvement in the position. However, Effort’s goodbye is very sad, as it has been trained in T1 since 2017.

Further, the support had signed a multi-year contract with T1, but a year later his departure is announced, perhaps for sports performance, or perhaps for decisions in the board.

The best performance from Effort in T1 was 3rd / 4th place at Worlds 2019 after falling against G2 Esports, and although he has not been able to get a World Cup with T1, he will try it with his new team: SANDBOX Gaming.