Their mental problems, Becky G and J Balvin express their experience

Their mental problems, Becky G and J Balvin express their experience (INSTAGRAM)

Their mental problems, Becky G and J Balvin express their experience | INSTAGRAM

The talented singer, Becky G, for her new episode had a very special guest this week on her new podcast “En La Sala” on Amazon Music, with which she spoke about a very sensitive issue for the Latino community: mental disorders and its importance, which, in recent weeks, has sounded a lot.

This episode is already available since this past Wednesday, November 18, starting at 5 pm, on the aforementioned platform, if you are interested, and we invite you to listen to the chapter, however, if you prefer to find out what happened, the best thing would be continue reading this note.

It turns out that the interpreter spoke with the Colombian singer, J Balvin on this subject, and also had the participation of the therapist Adriana Alejandre, who shared with them her point of view on the mental health and stigmas within society.

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“This week, we are having some very important conversations about mental health with people that I have been a fan of for a while, one of them is @latinxtherapist Adriana Alejandre herself, as well as my friend, J Balvin. Embarking on our mental health journeys as individuals and sharing that with our fans has been very sacred to us, ”said Becky.

Within the pleasant conversation, the interpreter decided to open up in the entertainment medium, so he opened his heart and told Becky G about the episodes of anxiety and depression that he went through recently, which made him remember some fateful episodes of depression that he suffered when he was a teenager.

The singer told how it was that he lived his darkest days more than seven years ago, in which he had the most depressing thoughts throughout his life, “I was just crying for no reason. I did not want to wake up. He did not want to live, “said the Colombian, adding that, as a result of this, he was diagnosed with depression by a health professional.

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In addition, the Colombian assured that his health problems led him to the point of thinking about abandoning his career forever, the dream for which he fought so hard. “I left my career, I told my father: ‘I leave music, I can’t live like this,'” he said.

In the same way, the host of the podcast, mentioned that anxiety is a current condition in her life, with which she has already dealt with several years, just as the reggaeton player has recently come face to face with this disease.

Let’s remember that it was a few days ago that it became known that J Balvin went through two stages diagnosed with anxiety; The first was on one of the longest tours of his career and the second, this 2020 when he tested positive for the current virus.

So, without any regret, the interpreter decided to break the silence and talk about his mental health to de-stigmatize these conditions and try to help others, encouraging everyone who suffers from this, to brag about seeking timely and professional help “I’ve been shaking since I was a kid … I just didn’t know what anxiety was,” he commented.

Referring to the fact that some behaviors that we as individuals have normalized, are truly red flags in the face of these conditions, which, because we have them every day, we do not see them as a problem, but as a part of our personality or other aspects of ourselves, then, It is there where sense is lost and we end up living with these diseases.

It is worth mentioning that it has been the same experts who continue to confirm that the global health contingency has had a serious impact on the mental health of the population, and now, we realized that the singer J Balvin, nor Becky G have been the exception.