“Their memories will live in you”

On the night of Friday, January 15, ‘Got Talent Spain’ premiered its sixth edition, in which Santi Millán returned to lead the format, with Dani Martínez, Risto Mejide and Edurne as part of the jury during the auditions. A first date in which Gisela was seen, a young woman from Barcelona who took the stage to honor her grandmother, a woman with dementia, for whom he interpreted the song « La llorona » with which even moved to Risto Mejide.

Risto Mejide, moved after Gisela’s performance in ‘Got Talent 6’

« For me music is everything, because it has accompanied me in all the moments of my life », declared the contestant, when introducing herself, who, during confinement « I wanted to do my bit and since I have a small amplifier, I went out to my terrace and sang ». « Being on a stage like this makes me feel special and a little bigger, » Gisela confessed, after which she dedicated her performance « to my grandmother, since with dementia it is impossible for her to remember according to what things and thanks to the music, can remember some.  » « My grandmother is everything to me, she is a very special person in my life. She has always accompanied me in everything I have wanted to do, » explained the Barcelona woman, before acknowledging that « living with a person with dementia is a bit complicated » .

« You have to have a lot of dedication and a lot of patience, » said Gisela, who appeared on ‘Got Talent’ not only as part of her own dream, but also to give « that gift » to her grandmother and « make her feel a little better with the song » she performed, accompanied by her guitar. A performance with which she won a great ovation from those present, at which time the young woman was unable to hold back tears. « It has brought me many memories and it has made me very excited to see the audience standing, » acknowledged Gisela, whom Risto invited to share some of those experiences that had come to his memory. « Now everything is so different that it comes to me, » acknowledged the contestant, after which Mejide wanted to dedicate some encouraging words full of emotion.

« I am sure she will be very grateful »

« My grandmother died with Alzheimer’s. When you really love someone, you become their staff, their support, their refuge and also their memory« , declared the judge, who pointed out to the contestant that » your memories may fade, but they will live in you. «  » Your performance has been one of the most beautiful things we have seen on this program, « confessed Risto, after which Edurne, excited, recognized that « it does not have to be very pleasant to see how the person with whom you live so many things loses those memories. » « In the end, I think the beauty of your case is that you are there to remind her over and over again, I’m sure she will be very grateful », declared the artist, who praised the strength, the mastery of the voice and the personality that Gisela had shown on stage, something with which Dani Martínez agreed. An emotion and a professionalism that caused the contestant to receive the three yeses from the jury.