The more quarantined, the more creativity to maintain the new rhythm of life. From that premise, the actress and director of “Youth on stage”, Norwill Fragoso, together with producer Raymond Gerena, announce the transfer of the camp to a virtual “stage”.

In this way, children and young people, between the ages of seven and 18, will be able to train and enjoy artistic education from their homes. The connection will be made from the Zoom digital platform, from June 1 to 30 of the same month.

“It is a matter of translating and transforming the theatrical space as we have it built and conceived into a virtual one,” said the artist. “I think Zoom allows us to connect as if we were up front and close.”

Participants will be divided into groups, according to age, and will change classes (or virtual meeting) every hour. The hours will be from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Fridays will end at 4:00 pm, because there will be a variety of special activities, among these, the “visits” of artists who will share their experiences.

The good thing about this year is that young people from all over the Island can bet on the camp ”

-Norwill Fragoso, actress and director of “Youth on stage”

The capacity will be for 150 participants and all will receive training in acting, dancing, singing-musical theater, improvisation and physical theater. There will also be electives for makeup, clowns, puppets and puppets, characterization and digital production.

The communicator Yizette Cifredo will offer a social media workshop; Byankah Sobá, of motivation and self-esteem; and Patricia Alonso, of casting or auditions.

Each course will be offered by a teacher with the online supervision of Fragoso and Gerena. Both also reported that they will have a specialist technology resource to ensure virtual security aspects.

“This year we intend to reach 150, not more, because the enrollment (the cost) is going to drop considerably and what we want is to maintain that quality control,” said the manager and executive producer of the camp.

It will be a challenge, both for artistic resources and for campers, however, it will be another opportunity to imagine and build from this new reality, said Fragoso.

Tuition will be $ 200, and $ 100 for each sibling. Registrations are open through 787-585-8885.