The Zeekr 001 is born, the first model of Geely’s new premium firm

The Spanish proverb says that of «Divide and conquer». This expression, which can be hackneyed, is useful, especially when facing complex challenges such as electrification of the automotive sector. Yes, because manufacturers that have been present in it for a long time are investing large sums of money so that their brands can offer competitive models. However, there are new players who are betting on a different concept.

Geely Auto It is one of the manufacturers that has been in business for the least time. The Chinese giant has been very astute when it comes to growing up, having bought firms in distress to take advantage of their know-how at the same time as its image. The case of Volvo is the best known, but with Lotus the same will happen. However, he has also created signatures from scratch. Lynk & Co is the best knownbut now you just see the light Zeekr. Do you remember his name?

This leak indicates that the Zeekr 001 is a highlight of the Lynk & Co Zero or not?

The first time we talked about Zeekr It was at the end of March. Back then it was a rumor, but days later Geely confirmed its creation. As they explained, Zeekr Company Limited is a electric mobility technology and solutions company that will meet the growing world demand for premium electricity. Furthermore, they announce that they aim to bring a new electric vehicle to market every year for the next five years.

For such need will use the Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) platform of Geely Holding Group. However, they will use their own batteries, management systems, electric motor technologies and supply chain support. This idea seemed very attractive, but it seems that they have already messed with what would be their first model. Yes, because a few months ago we met the Lynk & Co Zero and everything points to what Zeekr will ‘highlight’ it.

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Thanks to a leak posted by Autohome, we’ve had access to these images. As appreciated, the Lynk & Co Zero has mutated into the Zeekr 001. They do not look like photos treated with a computer or a joke about the last April Fools’ Day that took place on April 1. Therefore, we are somewhat astonished, because Geely announces this new firm as a new benchmark in the premium segment and Lynk & Co is not in this league.

In addition, Autohome ensures that the official debut of the Zeekr 001 will take place very soon. Apparently it will be the next day April 15 when the Chinese premium firm presents it in society. We will have to wait for the brand to pronounce on its future plans, but more than doubts what it raises are questions. Will it be the way they will get Volvo out of the way? We don’t know, but the Chinese are sometimes very scary …

Source – Geely Auto Group (Geely Auto) – Autohome