The zasca to an independentista by an Uzbek journalist

Last Wednesday, journalist Nikita Makarenko public from Uzbekistan a somewhat curious image of the arrival of a Talgo to the country. It could have been a tweet of little consequence in Spain, but the response from a pro-independence tweeter has made both Uzbek and Catalan become celebrity tweeters in the last few hours. Especially for the zasca that the first gave to the second.

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It all started with the following tweet from Makarenko: “The new Spanish Talgo train arrives in #Uzbekistan in a lovely package!”. Along with the text, the image of a train covered with cardboard, ropes and sheets of wood. There, there was no more. Then a tweeter named Carles came into action who asked if this was a Spanish gift for “his silence on Catalonia”. A comment like any other that can be given day after day on this social network.

The difference was made by the Uzbek journalist decided to answer and he did it in a way forceful and not without a certain irony. “My silence? Man, we live in Central Asia. I don’t know anything about Catalonia. And I don’t think he heard anything about Karakalpakstan, which is an autonomous republic within Uzbekistan, ”he replied. And to this response came another from Carles, who acknowledged not knowing anything about that autonomous republic mentioned by the journalist, but that, according to him, “Spain, in general, pays for the silence of other countries on the matter of Catalonia with these methods : gifts, sending the Spanish army to ‘help’, with threats… ”.

Faced with these arguments, a new response arrived that, given the uproar generated, would also fall into the category of zasca. The second of this virtual conversation. “I think Spain doesn’t give a shit about our opinion about Catalonia, and we pay for the train, ”Makarenko said.

Such a dialectical exchange could not go unnoticed. One capture here, another there, and it ended up going viral to the point that Carles has been rained with jokes, insults and allusions. Of many of them, as can be seen in his profile, he has been defending himself following the independence argument and with the occasional insult.

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And while, in your profile, Makarenko has taken advantage of his newly acquired famamong Spanish tweeters to make a declaration of love to Spain and, incidentally, make a appeal to your new readers to visit your country. “Dear readers of Spain. Wow! I didn’t expect such a reaction when publishing this train. I love Spain. I was once in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. I hope to return. And please come with us! Our ancient cities are waiting for you. And we are full of Talgo trains, “he published after going viral.

If anyone wants to know why the Talgo was involved in this way, another tweeter (@jasgalcoworld) explained that this packaging “is carried out by personnel of the Uzbek railways, in the RZD workshops in Saint Petersburg, before starting the transfer by rail between the Russian city and Tashkent. This is done to avoid acts of vandalism during the transfer ”.

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