In the last weeks, Vicente Vallés has not hesitated to be critical of some political decisions by leaders of all political parties in ‘Antena 3 noticias 2’. In the news that he conducts daily, the journalist has taken the opportunity to reflect on countless occasions and that is precisely what happened this Monday, June 29 at night, when he wase did not hesitate to launch a forceful zasca to Pablo Iglesias and the party he leads, United We Can, regarding the controversial « Dina Bousselham Case » in which the Vice President of the Government is involved.

Pablo Iglesias and Vicente Vallés

A piece was broadcast in the information space explaining that VOX was going to report this case to the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office and that it also had statements in this regard by Isa Serra, spokesperson for Unidas Podemos. « I think what we are seeing, which is being used by VOX, simply is to try to give a twist to the campaign against Podemos by the ‘State sewersIn this way, the policy was forceful and it was clear that everything was being orchestrated to bring down his party, although as he made it clear, it has not been achieved.

It was then when on set, Vallés did not hesitate to reply to Serra, throwing a forceful zasca to the party in which she is a militant. « Podemos has subscribed, as you can see, to this speech that he already used in the elections that there is a campaign for the State sewers; a campaign that, if it exists, has not prevented Podemos from being in power, nor that its leader is vice president of the Government”, Affirmed the journalist. A response that quickly became viral and raised the presenter to be a trend one more day in his Atresmedia newsletter.

Isa Serra’s response

But well, the thing has not stopped there and that is that Isa Seerra herself, spokesperson for Unidas Podemos, has decided to replicate using her social networks. In a tweet in which he shared the message launched by Vallés, the policy has written: « What does Vicente Vallés mean? What difference does it make that Villarejo and the political police have fabricated false evidence against Podemos? That it is not for so much that the sewers work We came to the government thanks to the people and despite these campaigns, yes « . there has been no reply from Vallés.