The Xiaomi screwdriver used by astronauts in China (and that you can buy for 30 euros)

Yes folks, China is building its own space station, and its astronauts carry a Xiaomi electric screwdriver among their supply of basic tools.

By now we all know that Xiaomi We can not only measure it by its success in the mobile industry, and it is that the Haidian giant has a huge catalog and an award-winning list of best-selling gadgets and used in the world, among which is a electric and cordless screwdriver even used by Chinese astronauts on their brand-new space station.

The device is called Mijia Electric Screwdriver and as you will see in the photo uploaded by the companions of Xiaomi Addicts it has been sighted among the equipment that the three Chinese astronauts have brought to the Tiangong in one of the first manned missions to the new space station, thus proving the usefulness and quality of this electric screwdriver that, if you want, You can buy for your endowment for just over 30 euros.

Winner of an iF Design Award 2019, the design is unmistakable from Xiaomi with good materials and all to functionality.

Some of you will be raising your eyebrows right now, but It is correct that China is building and also in record time its own space station, which already has the first modules in low Earth orbit and which will have a size similar to the already destroyed Russian Mir station once it’s finished.

It was precisely in the internal assembly work on the Tianhe main module where we have seen some of the cosmonauts use this Mijia Electric Screwdriver so interesting, that with an absolutely unmistakable Xiaomi DNA boasts of a simple and functional design built in high quality materials and with all the necessary accessories to become an essential accessory.

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The astronauts of the Chinese space mission, with the Mijia screwdriver among their basic equipment.

This is the Mijia Electric Scredriver from Xiaomi, as always offering more for less

We do not start in vain with this subtitle, as the Xiaomi family of power tools started in 2019 for get that same year a German iF Design Award which credits it as one of the best-designed devices in its class, now adding precision screwdrivers and other tools.

In any case, talking about this Mijia Electric Screwdriver leads us to comment directly that minimalist look highlighted by materials of proven resistance, also chosen for the set of basic accessories that accompany the screwdriver that includes a set of 12 high-quality S2 steel bits compatible with most screws available today.

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Screwdriver

The device has a motor that offers a torque power up to 5 Newton meter applied in both directions, to screw and unscrew, being able to work thanks to a 2,000 mAh battery that will offer autonomy up to almost 200 continuous uses.

It has a standard USB-C type charging connector, and it also brings its own protective and transport case so that you can take it anywhere without any problem. What’s more, has an LED ring on its front to illuminate the screw and so that we can work much better in all kinds of environments.

Without a doubt, an interesting tool that You can buy from AliExpress for a price of just over 30 euros, or at Amazon Spain for a little more money with faster shipments … If you need one, here are the purchase links!

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