We are in a quarantine situation practically worldwide, and this means that you do not have to leave the house except for essential things, such as going shopping, and this means that many people have bought enough food to endure a time without having than go back out to buy. And in these cases, legumes and cereals, like rice, they are a key element to have a lot with very little, since they occupy a tiny space when we buy it, but it is capable of feeding a lot when we cook it, and of combining it with many other foods.

Well, today we are going to show you a Xiaomi product that will allow you to comfortably take advantage of all that rice that you have bought to prevent during quarantine and that will serve to feed you at a low price and occupying a small space, which is one of its great virtues. And yes, we are referring to the mythical rice company of the Chinese company.

The Xiaomi rice cooker, the ideal product to take advantage of all the rice you have at home

If you have bought rice and other types of cereals, or legumes, you have been right, as they are nutritious, natural and well-preserved products, which, in the end, is what is important. Rice is a simple food to cook, however, it is not very difficult for you to go wrong, especially if you are doing anything else at home while you prepare it. And this is where the Xiaomi rice cooker comes in.

The Xiaomi rice cooker – or Xiaomi Mi Rice Cooker – may be the best product for this quarantine, since it allows you to cook all the rice you want comfortably, and without having to control at all times that it is being done well, since that is what the ring itself takes care of.

The rice cooker that we are going to talk about has a capacity of 1.6 liters, – although there are two other models of 3 liters and 6 liters – and it has a minimalist design that is not too disruptive, something that is appreciated compared to other similar alternatives, which are too outstanding and having a somewhat strange shape that prevents us from saving in the kitchen, which is also quite important.

This Xiaomi rice cooker has smart cooking that makes the rice just right where we want it, in addition to emitting heat to the bowl from above and below, which makes cooking more uniform than when done in a pot.

You can control Xiaomi’s smart rice cooker from the app, which includes a large number of options that even allow us to program cooking for example, waking up with ready-made rice, or to prepare it just before lunchtime, and this seems to us a real plus, especially considering that we can program everything from our mobile.

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