The Xiaomi Mi Watch 2 will be launched soon with one of the most anticipated functions

The second version of the Xiaomi Mi Watch will have wireless charging.

Xiaomi has, in its catalog, a large number of wearables such as headphones, sports bracelets and smart watches.

Focusing on the latter, the Chinese manufacturer launched its only Wear OS smartphone to date, the Xiaomi Mi Watch, in the year 2019 and now we have just learned that its successor, the Mi Watch 2 will see the light very soon with one of the most anticipated functions by Mi Fans: wireless charging.

This is all we know so far about the Xiaomi Mi Watch 2

A publication on the Chinese social network Weibo of the well-known leaker Digital Chat Station shows us a screenshot of a version for developers of MIUI 12.5 in which we can see a text at the top that says “Reverse wireless charging” and just below it a drawing of a watch placed on the back of a Xiaomi smartphone.

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In this same image and just below the clock there is a legend that indicates the following:

“Please place the devices that support Qi wireless charging (mobile phones, wearables, etc.) in the center of the back of the phone.”

Screenshot of MIUI 12.5 developer version

If we continue down, we find a switch that allows the smartphone stop reverse wireless charging when your battery drops below a certain percentage and a text that tells us that the reverse wireless charging will stop when the terminal battery reaches 60%.

The drawing of the clock that we see in this screenshot has a design very similar to the original Xiaomi Mi Watch, which is why everything seems to indicate that the second version of this smartwatch will be compatible with both wireless charging and reversible wireless charging.

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Xiaomi released the Mi Watch in November 2019 and everything seems to indicate that its successor, the Mi Watch 2, will be presented this year. Aside from wireless charging, it still no more features of the Chinese giant’s new smartwatch have been revealed, but, as usual, from we will keep you promptly informed of any news that occurs in this regard.

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