The Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro lets us see data from its cameras and screen in the latest leak

Xiaomi carries a correlative numbering on the terminals it presents, especially in the models of the Mi series, hence we already know that in 2021 they touch the Xiaomi Mi 11. It will be seen at the time of launch if it is a phone, two, three or more, although the leaks help us to identify this in advance.

For example, we know that at least there will be a Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and we have just learned some information about your cameras and your screen. We’re not talking about a ton of information but it does lay some groundwork for what to expect from the model when it launches next year. In theory we should see it in February, but the calendar is also unconfirmed.

50 megapixels for wide angle and 48 megapixels for zoom

The leaks received this week tell us that the future Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro would have at least two cameras on the back, something we assumed since multiple cameras are now practically inseparable from the high-end models of the mobile market. One of them at least would be a telephoto lens and the filtration tells us about 12 megapixels for her, probably with a 48 megapixel sensor with pixel bining.

The main camera of this Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro would have 50 megapixels and we don’t know anything else about it except that we assume that it will also allow the pixels to be merged in blocks of four to obtain brighter 12.5 megapixel photos. We will see what finally happens to it. Of course, we will have HDR supported by artificial intelligence among the functions provided by its software.

It seems that we will have a QHD + phone in our hands with the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro

As for the screen, it seems that we will have a panel with QHD + resolution (very absent in this generation of high ranges) and up to 120Hz of refresh rate. A combination that can generate considerable power consumption, we will be attentive to which internal battery the future Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro mounts.

In addition to this data, MIUI 12 also anticipates some features through its code. For example, artificial intelligence to raise the illuminations, motion detection or HDR also for videos, in addition to support for MEMC technology. We will see if over time the leaks are more aggressive and we begin to know more specific data about the Mi 11 family and this Mi 11 Pro in particular.

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The Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro lets us see data from its cameras and screen in the latest leak