Just introduced in international markets, the first units of Xiaomi’s new Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro are reaching the lucky early birds outside of China, curiously in their case. with a new code message in the package who has raised blisters in his native country … And the message in code is not so in code!

In fact, the image that Xiaomi Addicts showed us a while ago clearly shows the slogan used by the Chinese giant in Europe and America for its new high-end, with the phrase “with easy access to the Google apps you use most” which in Spanish translates as: “with easy access to the Google applications you use the most”.

They don’t say anything from Xiaomi, but they say it all … Without a doubt, it’s nothing more than another one of these games that we see every year Those of us who work in this industry smile, but the truth is that this time it has not been as good for everyone, or not at least in China, as you will see.

‘With easy access to the Google applications you use the most’: the funny little message from Xiaomi to Huawei has not liked everyone equally

Xiaomi is also not to laugh a lot with your 1,000 euros mobile …

Newton’s third law -Action and Reaction- has made its effect very fast for a Xiaomi that has fitted the blow back from everywhere, in Europe for the price of a Mi 10 Pro that costs an unexpected whopping 1,000 euros, and in China because they did not like the joke very much.

In any case, the guys from Lei Jun were quick, who first sent their Mi 10 Pro to space to demonstrate the benefits of their camera, and then they were quick to announce up to 200 euros of gift in official devices, accessories and wearables of Xiaomi –My True Wireless Earphones 2 and Mi Band 3 included– for all those who reserve their new flagship.

And entering the Chinese matter, the most tricky for Xiaomi, the truth is that this change of message in the packaging has been understood as a direct attack on a Huawei It has also recently introduced its P40 and P40 Pro, in its case without Google Play certification and with Huawei mobile services.

Image | Xiaomi4Mi

Chinese patriotism, perhaps, but the truth is that social networks have burned in the giant Asian country for defend the great work of Huawei with its Mobile Services to separate from Google permanently, and use Chinese technology one hundred percent.

There was nothing like in China that Xiaomi has turned its back on a compatriot company, and the company has come out with an official statement explaining that the slogan has been changed due to trade agreements with Google, affirming that it is an agreement similar to that of showing on the home screen the Powered by Android or Intel Inside.

Xiaomi says that this slogan has been included in the renewal of its trade agreement with Google, and that the rest of manufacturers are expected receive the Google certification add this same message in the coming months to your packages.

A no doubt lapidary message for a Huawei that, now without a North American veto, He also did not want to negotiate with Google again. the return to its Play Services affirming that the path walked could not be retraced … When less curious, isn’t it? What do you think of all this?

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