After the cancellation of E3 2020 due to the coronavirus in the world, both we and the companies have had to reinvent themselves and look for alternatives to present all their news, hence the Summer Game Fest was born at the Xbox Summer Games Festival.

Xbox Summer Festival has a date!

It seems that the Xbox summer games festival is the name it will receive and will be associated with the Summer Game Fest to try to make the experience very similar to what can be lived in an E3, although obviously digitally.

In this event we can enjoy the great work done by the ID @ Xbox label with a multitude of demos of unpublished games.

The specific date will be from July 21 to 27 and as a finishing touch to the presentation of more than 100 ID @ Xbox games, we can play 60 demos on our own consoles. These are some of the titles that we can play from our own Xbox at home (Cris Tales, Destroy All Humans !, Haven, Hellpoint, Skatebir, The Vale: Shadow of the Crown or Raji: An Ancient Epic). The rest are surprises, as Microsoft itself has made clear.

While we can’t recreate the experience of attending a big show entirely, we can help you get plenty of cool new games early. As announced by Geoff Keighley as part of the Summer Games Fest, Xbox is proud to reveal that our ‘Summer Games Festival’ demo event will be live on Xbox One from July 21 to July 27.

We’ll have over 60 new game demos for upcoming unreleased Xbox games available to check out for free! Look for the special Game Fest Demo icon on the console interface for that week to find the collection of available demos.

Summer Game Fest and Xbox

Some things to keep in mind:

These are not normal “game demos”. Typically, the demos you see on our demo channel are created after the game is complete (or nearly complete) and represent the final version. Many of these demos are early, and some are for games that won’t be out for long. We’ve never done this before; What that means is that you will have the ability to experience these games early – somewhat early – which is impressive, but you should also keep in mind that these games will continue to evolve and be polished as they get closer to launch. on the Xbox Interface for a week. Some may be republished on the Demo channel later, but many will simply evaporate at the end of the week, so be sure to check them out while you can – developers would love to hear what you think. Look for them on social media or through their websites. If you like the game, tell him! If you have constructive criticism, they’d love to hear that, too.The Xbox Summer Game Fest already has a date and will feature more than 60 unpublished demosDH-Win64-Test

Now we can only wait if this event overlaps in days with the great event that we are all waiting for, the Xbox 20/20 , coincides in dates after the rumors that it would finally be held at the end of this month. In the Xbox 20/20 it will be where we will see the potential of the first parties of Xbox Game Studios And they may drop off a day of the picks during the Summer Game Fest for the Xbox Summer Games Festival celebration to deliver their most anticipated performance in recent years.

We also remember that many of these games will already stay in the Xbox store in the section dedicated to demos but that many others will disappear after the 27th, so write these days on the calendar.

Source: Xbox Wire