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For months, rumors were circulating that Xbox Series X would not be the only Microsoft console that would arrive this year. Now, after a ton of leaks, Microsoft had no choice but to spill the beans. Thanks to this, we already know the release date and the official details of the Xbox Series S, a console that wants to give you a next-generation experience at a fraction of the price.

According to a video released by Microsoft, the Xbox Series S will be a cheap alternative to the Xbox Series X by offering you many of the promises of the next generation. For example, it features a custom 512GB SSD that takes advantage of the Xbox Velocity architecture to deliver very short load times. It also promises to let you switch from game to game without interruption.

But what about performance? At the moment the official technical specifications of this console have not been revealed. However, Microsoft assures that the Xbox Series S will have next generation performance.

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By this Microsoft means that you can expect games with rates of up to 120 frames per second in 1440p resolution. It will also feature DirectX ray tracing, variable refresh rates, and Variable Refresh Shading (VRS). This last feature is a rendering technique that improves performance and quality by implementing different levels of shading that are free from a perceptual decrease in quality.

One point that is important to clarify is that the Xbox Series S is designed to be a very small and inexpensive console. This means that if you buy it, you will get hardware that is 60% smaller in size than an Xbox Series X. It also means that it lacks a disc reader, so it is intended for those who are only looking for a digital experience.

When will the Xbox Series S arrive? How much will it cost?

As you can see, the Xbox Series S is a console that promises to be attractive to gamers. Especially for those who have already left the physical format behind and who want to enter the next generation without spending much. This is why many want to know how much it will cost and when it will debut.

Microsoft’s official announcement indicates that the Xbox Series S will be released on November 10. Its launch price is $ 299 USD, which means that it will sell for the same as a Nintendo Switch.

The bad news is that the price it will have in our region has not been confirmed. In LEVEL UP we will be pending and we will share this information with you when it is available.

And to you, what did you think of this news? Are you excited for the Xbox Series S? Tell us in the comments.

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