The reboot of the Marvel Mutants takes its most disturbing turn yet, as Emma Frost and Magneto lead the X-Men to war against Russia, Brazil, and Madripoor.

magnet and the Emma Frost They are taking the X-Men to war. The mutants of the world have gathered on the living island of Krakoa, and have found their own nation. United Nations diplomats have accepted it thanks to telepathic persuasion by Emma Frost.

Krakoa is only a small nation, but it is important, largely because its inhabitants possess mutant powers. Forge in particular, it is proving useful, successfully using Krakoa organisms to create entirely new technologies. Unfortunately, the anti-mutant forces are becoming increasingly aggressive and have more and more militants. The X-Men have problems with the island of Madripoor, while Russia is emerging as a world leader in terms of technology development.

Marvel Comics has just released a preview of Marauders # 10, which sees the crisis intensify.

Bishop has discovered cooperation between the governments of Madripoor, Brazil and Russia. Since these nations have established a floating factory that produces power damping technology based on old designs produced by Forge. Emma believes that these conspirators are responsible for the death of Kate Pryde and, as a result, she wastes no time in bringing the X-Men to war. Magneto naturally gives him his blessing.

The actions of the X-Men are completely understandable, but they are also very dangerous. Their preemptive strike is undoubtedly an act of war. In truth, Emma doesn’t really see the need for Magneto to support her, as she doesn’t attend the Krakoa Council, but instead provokes the preemptive attack fueled by pain and anger.

Emma Frost has vast resources at her disposal, including no less than two Omega-level X-men, Storm and Iceman. However, she must still be cautious. It is attacking a platform that develops potency inhibition technology that has been used to bypass Omegas before. As powerful as the X-Men are, their victory is not assured. Even if they succeed, there will certainly be consequences, because the alliance between Russia, Madripoor and Brazil is only a first sample of the conflict to come. Krakoa’s dream is turning into a nightmare, and there is a real risk that Krakoa will become the next Genosha, site of another horrible act of genocide.