The FIA ​​has approved a first calendar proposal for 2021

At the moment there are nine confirmed tests, although no date

There has been no ‘white smoke’. The 2020 World Rally Championship is still without a calendar. On the contrary, there are already nine confirmed tests -although without a date- for 2021, among which is the RACC Rally Catalonia.

The FIA ​​World Council was meeting today and was expected to announce a schedule of at least six events for this year. But in the end it could not be, there are still many uncertainties in the air about this year. What will happen in Germany? Will it be feasible to run in Japan even if the promoter says it is going ahead? Could Ypres enter the calendar?

Faced with this dilemma, the World Council has only taken some collateral measures. To say that if in the end the calendar includes only eight tests – the three contested and the other five – only two engines should be used, one less than initially planned. And only one day of testing is allowed per official pilot before a test. Insignificant details.

On the other hand, nine events were approved as the core of the 2021 championship, with the rest to be confirmed. As is known, the teams ask to reduce the scoring tests from 14 to 12, although this represents an economic loss for the promoter.

The tests that will be on the 2021 calendar – all of which have not yet been dated – are: Monte Carlo, Finland, Portugal, Sweden, Safari Kenya, Spain – subject to an agreement with the promoter -, Italy, Japan and Australia – which will take place in another location-.

The calendar of the European Rallies this year, which was already known, was also approved, with the presence of the Canary Islands Rally.


Italy – July 24-26

Latvia – August 14-16

Czech Republic – August 28-30

Portugal – September 17 to 19

Cyprus – October 16-18

Hungary – November 6 to 8

Spain – November 26 to 28

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