The worst thing you read today is this PS5 reservation message in a store: “little rat boy word”

Faced with the PlayStation 5 stock problems, he jokes with the luck of those who have reserved the console.

Playstation 5

When pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 opened, Sony’s next-generation console flew into stores around the world, leaving many fans without a chance to get the machine on the day of its official launch, which in the case of Europe was on November 19. Just yesterday a new booking campaign was opened and the result was practically the same: consoles flew out of stores and many other players were left with the desire to get PS5.

You will be amazed with its power and you will live an experience like never before with the DualSense. Little word of a rat boy!Against this background, those who managed to reserve the console can feel very lucky, and something like this has made them know a well-known chain of stores in the reservation message that they have sent to all the happy buyers, although the tone used is at least quite shocking. “You are already closer to the Next Gen! Flash by your side, he is nobody”, can be read in a message with a clear allusion to the speed with which the consoles were sold out not only in this one, but in all shops.

“You have been one of the fastest to reserve the new PS5. OMG! Remember that it will arrive from December 15”, it is added in this writing. “Build up hype because these days are going to fly by. We will inform you by email of how your order is going at all times.” With a tone -maybe- too youthful and close, the message continues: “you will freak out with its power and you will live an experience like never before with the DualSense. Little word of a rat boy! “.

As this message indicates, the new consignment of consoles will begin to arrive throughout the month of December, without warning of a new booking campaign for now. Here at 3DJuegos we already had the opportunity to test this new generation console in depth as we told you in our PS5 review. In recent days we have also told you about some of its most outstanding games, such as the analysis of Demon’s Souls.

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