the worst of the month with a return to February levels

IAG and the perfect storm: the worst of the month with a return to February levels

IAG (Iberia) does not raise its head as it stands at February levels that are dangerously close to the lows for the year. It is the worst value of the month and goes into negative so far this year while it moves away from highs of the year no less than 34%.

Your scenarios raised this summer are not being fulfilled with the return to the expected capacity with the high season. And is that the pandemic effect, with the fifth wave, the restrictions that do not stop and the incidence overwhelmed of the Delta variant negatively break the balance against vaccination levels that must be raised significantly to achieve herd immunity.

The first straw that breaks the camel’s back and that has forced IAG and investors to make an emergency landing has been Credit Suisse’s change of mind on the company’s situation. The drastic reduction of its target price, to 195 pence from 256 a just 15 days ago, has drastically reduced its prospects and its bearish streak of the last sessions in the market.

The reasons Credit Suisse argues are summed up in two. The first is a future capital increase. Let us remember the second that it would be in less than a year to regain the necessary liquidity to face losses. Especially after what just happened with Easyjet. On the 8th it was a successful year, by the way of the one carried out, with a double price and for almost 3,000 million euros. If the idea is realized it will mean a major dilution for current shareholders, which to avoid it should go back to the market.

The second is directly related to the failure of transoceanic flights between the US and the European Union. At the beginning of summer it seemed that an opening without restrictions would take place, but even now from the Old Continent they are restricted for fear of contagion. And remember that it is the most penalized by this concept.

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And the second drop that overflows the glass comes from Exane BNP Paribas that has reduced its target price to 1.99 euros per share after cut your recommendation to neutral.

In its quotation graph we see how the value does not leave the negative dynamics, with cuts of more than 7% in the last 20 sessions and a fall in September that reached 8.5% for IAG. It is the worst value of the month and has gone negative in the year, with a 4.75% cut.

IAG annual share price IAG annual share price

IAG annual share price

While Citadel Europe, the only bear with an amount greater than 0.50% in its shareholding, has lowered, last September 10 its presence short on IAG up to 0.77% of its capital.

Nor when it comes to Ei’s technical premium indicators does his outlook improve. In fact, it barely reaches 1.5 points out of 10 possible for the value, which is clearly downward in its medium and long-term trend, with a slow and fast negative total moment, decreasing business volume in the medium term and long-term volatility, which continues to grow at IAG.

IAG Premium Investment Strategies IndicatorsIAG Premium Investment Strategies Indicators

IAG premium indicators of Investment Strategies

On the positive side we can only highlight long-term business volume showing increasing in value and volatility, measured in terms of its wide range, which is decreasing in the medium term.

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