The worst Good End nightmare comes true: Brands out of stock?

A good atypical end is about to end and although some figures speak of a favorable performance, the truth is that for many brands these 20 days of offers will translate into something more than great sales.

Complaints have become a constant and this may not stop even after the promotional program ends.

And it is that three days after the end of the Good End in most of the country, various users have begun to complain of cancellations of purchases due to lack of stock on the side of the distributors.

From social networks, dozens of users have denounced brands such as Liverpool, Chedraui and Sam’s, indicating that after having made their purchase and having made the payment or, seeing the charge in their bank accounts, the companies have notified them, days after that your order was canceled.

In this way, some users assure that this failure in the deliveries is argued for lack of stock, since most of the purchases have been made via e-commerce. Many others simply do not realize what happened and claim that they do not want a refund of the purchase, they demand the order from brands that they accuse of selling something online without having the ability to deliver it in a timely manner.

A few days ago, statements issued by the owner of Profeco, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, for Millennium, indicated that in the first days of the Good End Walmart (which should be noted does not participate in the Good End but has its own discount strategy, the Irresistible End), Liverpool and Office Depot, are the companies that report the most complaints for part of consumers, where the frequent complaint is the breach of the advertised promotions.

The representative of Profeco assured that so far Profeco has given 1,400 consultations, agreed to 215 telephone conciliations with 75 complaints still in process and 49,000 inquiries on the Who’s Who in Good End Prices portal.

“The products with the most complaints are screens, clothes, shoes; the providers with the most complaints are: Walmart, with 98; Liverpool, with 29 and Office Depot, with 17; the states where the most complaints have been filed are: Mexico City, with seven; Jalisco, with four and Querétaro, with four ”, he highlighted for the aforementioned media.

As for the reasons behind these complaints for brands like Walmart, Liverpool and Office Depot , the owner affirmed that the not immediate delivery or in the promised time, prices that are not fulfilled and unclear payment conditions, are the main ones.

“One of the complaints is that they do not deliver the merchandise immediately, some show a price, but when they pay, for paying with a credit card they do not want to respect the price and the offer does not say that it is only payment in cash” he claimed.

Complaints about canceled orders was a forecast that had been looming months before the Good End will begin.

The reason was none other than the failures that had already been registered around e-commerce since the health emergency began, where the product portfolios available for these platforms did not seem to be enough to satisfy the demand.

We are three days away from the Good End and while the orders do not stop, the complaints just seem to grow.

The final count could be interesting in this regard and perhaps it was not so necessary to extend the duration of the promotional strategy.