the world of sports turns upside down with Tiger Woods

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Great champions in the history of sports, such as the boxer Mike Tyson, the skier Lindsey vonn or the swimmer Michael Phelps, among many others like Rafael Nadal, sent a message of support to the golfer Tiger Woods, which this Tuesday suffered a traffic accident near The Angels (USA) and underwent lengthy surgery for injuries to the foot, ankle, tibia, and fibula of his right leg.

Tiger Woods, 45, suffered a traffic accident early in the morning, at approximately 07:00 local time in Rancho Palos Verdes, a small town close to The Angels. After the medical analysis, Woods’ team said that the golfer is currently “awake, receptive and recovering in his hospital room.”

After learning that he was recovering from the operation, Rafa Nadal was one of the first to send a message to his friend: “When I heard the news, I was very worried. It is good to know that you are well. friend !!!!! “, wrote this Wednesday morning the Spanish tennis player.

TO Jon rahm, the news caught him playing golf and he spoke about Tiger in an interview with Golf Channel: “There is a different atmosphere at an event when Tiger is playing than when he is not playing, and he is that big, it doesn’t matter if even the best 20 players in the world are playing. If he’s not there, you can tell the difference, “he said.

She added, “He’s a great ambassador for the game, and it seemed like he was starting to turn his life around and maybe looking ahead to retire and have a great time with his son Charlie. I just hope, you know, that he can. walk out of the hospital (inaudible word) after recovery, and that she can continue to play with her children and have a normal life. “

Jack nicklaus, considered one of the best golfers in history, expressed his “deep concern” for Tiger Woods and offered his “sincere support.” “Join us in wishing Tiger a successful surgery and all the best for a full recovery,” he asked his community of supporters.

Another of his great rivals, his compatriot Justin thomas, also reacted in networks: “My stomach hurts right now. Praying for Tiger Woods and hoping for an amazing recovery. Thinking of all his family and team, as we all send our best wishes. We know that TW is a fighter. Get well soon” .

“Fight, Tiger Woods, as the great champion you are for your children and for the world. Love and prayers,” he said. Mike tyson.

“Send all your prayers to Tiger Woods. He was in a serious car accident. Let us all pray for his speedy recovery,” he wrote. ‘Magic’ Johnson.

Other legends such as Michael Phelps or Lindsey Vonn joined the shows of support.

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