The Women’s National Team will have its second exam against Costa Rica

With full spirits and as if there were no tomorrow, the Women’s National Team led by Mónica Vergara, concluded its preparation for the second battle against Costa Rica.

Once again, those of the Aztec team had a double session, the first in the gym, where they devoted more to strength exercises, and after almost an hour, they went to the main court of the High Performance Center (CAR) for the second part of the training.

Knowing everything that the Ticas will demand of them, who fell into the Colossus of Santa Úrsula, Vergara prepared the entire scenario with his coaching staff.

The joy of starting a new stage on the way to the main objective which is qualification for the 2023 World Cup, which will be played in Australia-New Zealand, could not be hidden. All the players reflected faces full of happiness, although one of the most smiling was the Tigres player, María Sánchez.

Once in the green rectangle, they followed the instructions of the physical trainer, who put them to jog for a few minutes to maintain physical condition. Later, they devoted themselves fully to work with the ball, where the red and black attacker; Alison González showed absolute concentration.

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Cecilia Santiago, Itzel González and Melany Villeda did the same with the goalkeeper coach, who put them to the test to see how fast they reacted, although they also rolled the cabin when the gunners began to measure their aim.

Like any good leader, Mónica Vergara followed her pupils in every movement, she even asked to maintain concentration without lowering the intensity.

Soccer in confined spaces was not lacking, as was the now famous « bull ». Finally, they paused for rehydration, while the strategist distributed jackets to close with intersquads. Mónica Flores, Katty Martínez, Sthepany Mayor, Kenty Robles, Greta Espinoza, Rebeca Bernal and Daniela Espinosa gave lectures, although the youngest such as ‘Aligol’ and Nicole Pérez were not far behind and showed their best weapons.

It will be this afternoon, when Mexico honors those of Amelia Valverde, who will seek to remove the thorn from the first meeting and return home with a good result.

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