The women’s Barça Rugby champion of the Catalan Quadis Division of Honor

04/20/2021 at 11:58 AM CEST

LFoixarda witnessed the end of the Catalan Honor Division Quadis Autocentre. A final marked by the youth of the two teams, and neither of the two finalists reached the average age of 24 (Barça 21 and Santboiana-Castelldefels 23.6).

In this context, it was precisely the youngest team that took the title at home, because the Barça proclaimed league champion by defeating his rivals by 10 to 8 in a confrontation marked by defense and nerves.

The tackles, the melés and the intensity were the protagonists of the confrontation, which had to wait until minute 26 for the score to move. It was Claudia Pena, the youngest player and one of the most outstanding, which put the 3 to 0 with a precise punishment blow.

The 3 to 0 could have been a 6 to 0 if the same Peña had hit a second shot a few minutes later, but instead it was the UES-CRUC that tied thanks to the foot of Sara rodriguez just before going to the locker room.

With the tie at 3, the second half was resumed, which repeated the script of the first. While the Barça closed rivals within his field for more than 20 minutes, the Santboiana-Castelldefels did not yield and held without receiving any point against with a great defense.

The set of Lucho Cabanne Y Javi corbacho They tried the rehearsal the following minutes, but the also effective culé defense served to recover the ball, go to the opposite field and finish rehearsing thanks to the good circulation of the ball and the career of Claudia Pena, that escaped by the band and planted under sticks to give a advantage of 10 to 3 in the Barça.

In the 72nd minute and it seemed that the Catalans were ensuring the victory, but the UES-CRUC had not said the last word and pressing with the lead game, they carried the ball to the 5 line and, after several punitive strokes, it ended drilling the Barcelona defense thanks to Anastasia Tarannikova.

Bad fortune, however, played against the black team, since the feasible transformation of the trial did not happen between the three suits and the referee Jose Luis Murillo marked the end of the meeting a few minutes later with 10 to 8.

This is how he became Barça in the flaming champion of the DHC Quadis Autocentre, taking over from the BUC and earning the right to play the promotion phase to Honor Division “B”.