The women who did not give in to Luis Miguel and his charms

The women who did not give in to Luis Miguel and his charms (INSTAGRAM)

The women who did not give in to Luis Miguel and his charms | INSTAGRAM

For most Mexican women, the singer Luis Miguel has always been an irresistible manThanks to his clear eyes, his wide smile and his blond hair are the first thing that attracts attention in him.
Although his style has had a constant change over the years, when he reached his maturity, Luis Miguel was characterized by his great bearing, his chivalry and how affectionate he could be.

And, although we know perfectly that his list of conquests is extensive and to this day he can still steal sighs among his most loyal followers, however, despite the enormous appeal of the Sol de México, there have been some women in show business who were able to resist his charms, and rejected Luismi.

We start with Alejandra Avalos, the ballad heartthrob had gotten her phone number from a record company manager and the reason he was looking for her was to invite her to a dinner to present a record of his.

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From that moment on, a strange friendship developed between them, as Luis Miguel was always very interested in Ale, but she was always clear with her feelings, and on several occasions she mentioned never having been interested in Luis Miguel as a couple.

Despite Luis Miguel’s attempts to conquer Alejandra, she did not give in until he gave the singer an ultimatum, he got angry and told Alejandra that if he left home, he would not speak to her again, Alejandra decided to leave the house and that was the end.

The following is Luz Elena Gonzales, who in any facet dazzles by its enormous beauty, and it was such a characteristic that attracted the attention of Luis Miguel, which began when the famous invited her to one of his concerts, the same one to which Luz Elena agreed to go because she was sad as a result from her recent break-up with actor Rafael Amaya.

She related that, after the presentation, she went to the dark-haired singer’s hotel and they were at an unforgettable dinner, later, Luis Miguel, would invite her to Acapulco to spend time with him, although Luz Elena accepted and received the best deals from the singer, could not give in for matters of the heart.

Although she tried to regain her relationship with the actor from El Señor de los Cielos, their romance could no longer be fixed, later Luz Elena admitted being sorry for having lost such an opportunity with Luis Miguel.

Continuing the list, we have the famous TV presenter Andrea Legarreta, who recently in an interview recalled how crazy she was for the Sun of Mexico: “Luis Miguel fascinated me. Since I was a child, I drool over Luis Miguel. Suddenly we were meeting at certain events and I was drooling ”.

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While in Acapulco, Luis Miguel from his house saw her on the beach and sent her an invitation with one of his boys, however, Legarreta had to refuse because at that time she had a 7-year relationship with her boyfriend at that time.

Since she did not feel that it was correct to accept the invitation of another man even if they did nothing, unfortunately, Andrea Legarreta now regrets for not having gone since, later, she learned that her now ex-boyfriend was being unfaithful to them.

Finally, we have the very Yanet Garcia, also known as “The most beautiful weather girl in the world”, who was at a high point in her career by being the one who gave that classic section in the program “Today”, always raises sighs with her beauty to such a degree that, she managed draw the full attention of Luis Miguel.

At one point, “El Sol” asked another famous celebrity to introduce him to the attractive model, however, Yanet rejected the invitation because she was well with her boyfriend, at that time, the host had a relationship with the professional player from Call Of Duty, Douglas Martin.

Although their relationship ended later so that Douglas could fully focus on his gamer career, Yanet has never said if he regretted having rejected our beloved LuisMi.