‘The Winchesters’: Jared Padalecki, “disappointed” after finding out on Twitter about the prequel to ‘Supernatural’

I always felt that my character, Dean, wanted to know more about his parents’ relationship and how it came about. So I love the idea of ​​him taking us on this trip, “said Jensen Ackles about the announcement of ‘The Winchesters’. Dean returns as narrator in a prequel to ‘Supernatural’ that will also feature the aforementioned actor as executive producer.

And of all this Jared Padalecki knew nothing. Apparently not only this actor would not be part of the new project that Ackles is already developing for the CW, but he would have found out on Twitter of its existence. Everything sounds so “uncomfortable” that when the actor who gave life to Sam in the mother series has decided to make his anger public through said social network, one of his fans has answered like “it will be a joke” … But no.


Padalecki started trying to keep his composure but in the end he was sincere. “Man, I’m happy for you [dice citando el anuncio de Ackles]. I wish I had found out about this in a way other than Twitter. I am looking forward to seeing it, but I am disappointed that Sam Winchester is not a part of it in any way“.

Given this revelation from one of the mainstays of ‘Supernatural’, an understandable question has arisen: ‘but … are you serious?’. One of Padalecki’s followers, without being able to believe it, asked for clarification, something to which the interpreter added: “No. It’s not a joke. This is the first time I have heard anything about it. I am broken“At the moment Ackles has not answered, we will see how this sibling quarrel ends.

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