The Wimbledon neighborhood is decked out in tennis

06/26/2021 at 1:48 PM CEST


The London neighborhood of Wimbledon is preparing to host the great annual event of the historic tennis tournament, which begins this Monday, with shop windows decked out for the occasion and its streets full of institutional purple and green flags of the championship.

Tennis rackets, nets and balls are a constant in the original designs that appear behind the glass of cafes, beauty salons, real estate agencies and shops of all kinds, most of them also spruced up with floral motifs.

Some merchants have even gone beyond decorating with products and proposals inspired by the Wimbledon championship, such as the special wine tasting that will be offered from this Monday by the French wine store Friarwood, located in one of the Main commercial arteries of the affluent South West London neighborhood.

“When the tournament starts, we will do our wine tasting tournament & rdquor ;, his manager tells ., Franck massaud. “We will make one wine against another wine. We want to do the quarterfinals, semifinals and final & rdquor ;, he says excitedly.

Among the boxes and bottles of Bordeaux wine displayed in the shop window, Massaud He finishes placing a large tennis ball, which stands out among many others of normal size that are suspended by threads.

In its showcase there is also no lack of winks to the protagonists of the event: the tennis players. A black and white photograph of Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer wants to honor the players who make this neighborhood become a pole of attraction during the competition, with the greatest influx of people and opportunities for the neighborhood’s economy.

In the Argentine restaurant Chango Empanadas they also want to draw attention to the tennis players, although the preparation has caught them against the clock, still with the brush and the paint can in hand.

The painted silhouettes of the emblematic Argentine former tennis player can already be seen on the glass Gabriela sabatini and the current player, also Argentine, Diego schwartzman.

“We are very close to the stadium and in general this area is where the players go around & rdquor ;, explains the owner, Bernardo Nevillie. “There are not as many people as in the center and they feel a little more sheltered from people, who ask for their autographs,” he argues.

In fact, the same Schwartzman was a regular customer of his Argentine empanadas in the last edition and, according to Nevillie, Referees and coaches also passed through the premises, such as that of Roger Federer.

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