The whole truth of Messi’s “tiredness”

Came Leo Messi in the late afternoon of this past Wednesday to Barcelona. He landed after 15 hours of flight after playing against Peru with Argentina. As soon as he stepped on Spanish soil, a tax inspector, as he himself pointed out, carried out a regular inspection, a procedure that he solved and delayed his walk between flashes and buses. Amid the barrage of questions, one rang above the rest. The “regime of terror” referred to days ago by the former police officer Griezmann to name the power of the Argentine in the dressing room of the Barça. At that moment Leo Messi exploded for the umpteenth time.

“The truth is, I’m a little tired of always being a problem for everything at the club,” he said. Messi before the question. He dropped the bomb and it exploded again at the epicenter of the Barcelona Soccer Club. It is not the first time that the Argentine has released one like this and it seems that it will not be the last either. His heated statements, loaded with annoyance, are getting closer and closer. In the latter, one word stands out above the rest, used with a high dose of satiety: fatigue.

Leo is tired. Tired because for a while now problems keep accumulating for him and the Barça. And as I said, it seems that everything that happens at the club has him behind it, in the background. There are many reasons that have led Rosario to this point, to carry the glass practically full. And we already know every time a single drop falls, the glass overflows. The tiredness of Messi it comes long. His last year and a half at the Barça it is being a constant headache and, far from solving new problems, only new problems are being added.

Void sport course

The Barça He has been on a poor sporting course for several seasons. The mainstay of the team in recent years has been the basis that raised the team in the last decade. The golden age of this Barcelona, ​​with Leo Messi as a great banner, it was aligned with the Ronaldinho, Eto’o, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Piqué or Busquets. Few are left of better years and the recent transfer policy has left more bluffs than booms. Solvent figures have not arrived to help the old guard to maintain the honor of the past.

Noted since the arrival of Griezmann

Since arrival Antoine Griezmann, your relationship with Leo Messi has been the subject of debate. Since the preseason of the Frenchman with the Catalans began, the null harmony that existed between the two stars of the team was noted. Despite the fact that a former mattress maker once declared that they would soon understand each other, Messi at no time did he put out the fire that had started. The runrún between the two continues to this day and was the producer of the last mosqueo on 10.

Failure in Champions

The last seasons in Champions League the Barça it was a mirage. On track qualifying rounds that ended in humiliation, thrashing without answers and a clear sense of tactical and technical inferiority that has led in this past edition to figures such as Gerard Piqué to offer his position in the club. That led to a purge that only took a past weight ahead: Suarez.

The departure of Luis Suárez

More than the march of Luis Suarez –That also–, what really damaged the faith of Leo Messi in Barcelona it was how. The Uruguayan, after an excellent career with the elastic culé, was given the transferable poster and ended up giving it to a direct rival like Atlético de Madrid. The friendship that unites them and how everything was unleashed led the Argentine to even express his discomfort in his networks.

Salary reduction

The salary reduction planned by the board of directors of Josep Maria Bartomeu and that the meeting Manager that today controls the club is another of Messi’s sources of discomfort. For the viability of the club it is essential the 30% snip to the contracts of the staff and it is the salary of the 10 that would be the best benefit for the club’s coffers. Messi, from the first moment the measure was commented, it is contrary to it. Also, that other heavyweights like Pique have accepted the cut, generates greater discomfort in the player.

The previous directive

The directive of Josep Maria Bartomeu has left a big stain on the club. The division between this and the staff was notorious and very different from other previous administrations. There are not a few movements and actions carried out by the previous Board that generated discomfort and rejection of the staff. Among them, Messi.

Criticized for his scoring shortage

The start of this campaign, with Ronald Koeman on the bench, he has also raised doubts. The football of the culés is intermittent, like that of 10. Messi He is facing the least scoring season of his career and the goals that he has been reaping, except for one, came from the penalty spot. Its performance is measured in detail and is currently in focus due to its low numerical impact.