The WHO warned that the death toll from malaria would exceed that of Covid-19

This Monday, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that malaria deaths due to disruptions generated during the pandemic of coronavirus (Covid-19) in services designed to combat mosquito-borne disease will far exceed deaths from Covid-19 in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

WHO reported that more than 409,000 people worldwide died Due to malaria last year, mostly babies in the poorest areas of Africa, and as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the number is expected to increase in 2020.

The director of the WHO malaria program, Pedro Alonso, estimated: « Depending on the level of disruption of the service (by Covid-19) there could be a excess malaria deaths of between 20,000 and 100,000 in sub-Saharan Africa, most of them in young children ”.

« It is very likely that excess mortality from malaria is higher than direct mortality from coronavirus, « he added.

The report of WHO recorded 229 million cases of malaria worldwide in 2019 and said that despite the unprecedented challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, many countries had fought hard and stood firm against the disease, the . news agency reported.

« Long-term success in achieving a malaria-free world in one generation is far from assured, » Alonso said. Some of the African countries hardest hit by malaria struggled to make significant progress since 2016 in curbing the epidemic.

Risk of global transmission of malaria

Due to continuous transmission from malaria through mosquitoes in many parts, half the world’s population is at risk of contracting the disease, which still kills one child every two minutes. Despite this, the focus of funding and attention has been diverted, increasing the likelihood of occurrence. avoidable infant deaths.

What are the countries of sub-Saharan Africa?

Angola Burundi Cape Verde Central African Republic Democratic Republic of Congo Republic of Congo Côte d’Ivoire Eritrea, Ethiopia Guinea Kenya Lesotho Liberia Madagascar Mauritania Mozambique Sierra Leone Somalia Sudan Swaziland Tanzania Uganda Zimbabwe.