The World Health Organization (WHO) has insisted this Friday that“all available evidence” points to an animal origin as a source of the global coronavirus pandemic, against therefore the suspicions maintained by the president of the United States, Donald Trump, although the agency has offered to participate in the investigations “at the invitation of the Chinese government.”

Hours after Trump returned to question official theses about the virus originated in Wuhan, even qualifying the public version of his own Intelligence, the WHO has reiterated that “all the available evidence to date suggests thatthe virus has a natural animal originand has not been tampered with or manufactured. “

The organization, in a statement sent to Europa Press, has pointed out thatthe jump of the virus towards humans did not have to be directly from a bat, since there is “limited” contact with this species, but it is “more likely” that there was another “intermediate” animal, both wild and domesticated, that would act as a transmitter.

The WHO recalled that “various investigations” have already been opened or planned to clarify the origin of the pandemic, for example by analyzing in detail the first cases in humans and taking samples of the places where the virus could have arisen in the Chinese city of Wuhan. , for example in markets or farms.

“The WHO is not currently involved in the China studies,” although it does not rule out doing so in the future. Thus, “I would be willing towork with international partnersand, at the invitation of the Chinese Government, participate in research on the animal origin “of the coronavirus.

Trump’s thesis

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence reported Thursday in a statement thatthere was a “broad scientific consensus” that the virus “was not manufacturedby humans or genetically modified, “in such a way that it would only be left to clarify” if the outbreak began by contact with infected animals or if it was the result of an accident in a laboratory in Wuhan “.

Trump, however, said hours later that he had information he could not reveal that pointed the other way. “There are many theories.Let’s see where it is and see where it comes from“said the US president, who again threatened to retaliate against the Asian giant for the pandemic.