The White Stripes shares their session ‘From the Basement’ for the first time on YouTube

The White Stripes It is one of those bands that for more years that pass, remain in the memory of the fans. The duo made up of Jack White and Meg White He became one of the musical standards of the first decade of the 2000s, all thanks to his peculiar style inclined towards blues-rock.

With that as their hallmark, hits and iconic performances were not lacking in the legacy they eventually left behind. One of those amazing shows is From The Basement, session recorded in 2005 that for the first time in a long time is available to all followers on YouTube.

Jack White and Meg White in ‘From The Basement’. Photo: YouTube Capture

The White Stripes are still valid

It seems like yesterday that we were enjoying Jack’s lofty riffs and Meg’s powerful drums. Time passes so fast that one does not realize, for example, that the band broke up a decade ago. Earlier this February, it was 10 years since the iconic duo announced their disbandment. But the memory is still here, in his music and in the occasional posthumous release.

For example, Third Man Records (Jack White’s label) have shared new videos like the one that was released last November for “Apple Blossom”. But that was only a little taste to warm up engines towards the release of their first greatest hits album that came out in December … because the surprises are not over.

10 years after the separation of the White Stripes, the duo that changed everything10 years after the separation of the White Stripes, the duo that changed everything

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‘From The Basement’ for the first time on YouTube

It was 2005 and The White Stripes already dominated the rock music scene accompanied by his fifth album Get Me Behind Satan. At the same time, as Consequence Of Sound points out, Nigel Godrich began to outline what would be his great show of musical presentations From The Basement. So the idea was pretty clear: Detroit duo claimed to be the show’s first musical act. So it was.

The band came to Godrich’s ‘basement’ in that year to open the show. Jack and Meg got ready to play some tracks from their newly released album, leaving us great interpretations of “Blue Orchid”, “As Ugly as I Seem”, “Red Rain” and some covers of Captain Beefheart What “Party of Special Things to Do”.

Since that session was held, almost 21 years have passed and now, finally, it is available to fans on YouTube from the official channel of the band that He just uploaded it completely and in high definition for you to enjoy. Here we leave it to you.

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