The white lion seeks his place in the UFC jungle

The Sunday morning (02: 00h) DAZN brings you the return of the canary Juan Espino to the Octagon.

Since winning The Ultimate Fighter tournament in 2018, “the handsome” has had an impressive development in the most prestigious company in the world.

The Spanish fighter more in the shape of the UFC will face Moldovan Alexander Romanov (13-0), an undefeated rival who also seeks to catapult into the noble zone of heavyweights.

Juan Espino has a relatively short run in the UFC, and at 40 years old, he cannot be considered a promise. Of course, he has before him the possibility of rising generously in the ranking and of positioning himself very well to tackle more prestigious fights. If you can get respect for injuries and win your next matches, you can choose to face the Top fighters in the division.

He is an eminence and the best possible ambassador for the Canarian struggle, but also in the Senegalese struggle. In fact, the nickname “white lion” comes from the heart of Africa, where he defeated several local fighters and earned the respect of all.

Spanish UFC fighter Juan Espino

Train daily with real heavyweight beasts: Arlovski, Joel Romero or Junior Cigano help him improve his technique in the American Top Team. He knows about the difficulty of the fight against the Moldovan, but predicts an even fight that will be decided by details. A slip on the guard or an exposed arm in the wrong place can be decisive.

Alexander Romanov has a good poster in the company. Despite being his third fight in the UFC, in 2020 he won both fights and in the last one he took a performance bonus.

His 13-fight undefeated contains 8 submission wins, and he can be considered another outstanding grappler.

The clinch, the throws and the fight on the ground can be predominant in the combat. Both fighters feel comfortable at the canvas. Perhaps Romanov has a more remarkable striking and a more forceful punch, so it is likely that Espino will look as soon as possible for the takedown that will put him above his rival.

The truth is that Romanov is one of the worst rivals that could touch Espino. The Moldovan dominates the fight and the similarities between the two make the canary’s plan a mystery. His experience will face an opponent who charges like a buffalo and can be crazy, so “The handsome” could expect a mistake and submit the favorite in the bets.

The Octagon will experience a train crash between fighters on a steady rise and one of them must give ground to the other in the search for the Top-15.

This UFC Fight Night held in Las Vegas, will be led by the fight between Robert Whittaker and Kelvin Gastelum. A real treat for MMA fans.

The other Spaniards in the UFC, Joel Álvarez (May 15) and Ilia Topuria (July 10), will have to wait a little longer to demonstrate their skills to Dana White and her leadership.

Remember: Hawthorn vs. Romanov / Wittaker vs. Gastelum, early Sunday morning (02:00 am) live on DAZN.

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