Mark Meadows, President Donald Trump’s chief of staff, said on Tuesday he was confident that Republicans and Democrats will agree in Congress on a new aid package for those affected by the pandemic before the November 3 elections.

However, Meadow told the Fox network that Trump continues to oppose the massive aid that the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, demands for state and local governments.

« Maybe I’m more optimistic today than I was a while ago, » Meadow said. « I can say that we have more agreements than disagreements and I think it is time to put politics aside and approve the stimuli, » he said.

The largest world power is the one most affected by covid-19 with almost 190,000 deaths.

After key rules called the CARE Act, which allocated $ 2.2 trillion, including higher benefits for the unemployed, expired in late July, economists and Federal Reserve officials said the government needs to give more help to American families. to cope with the destruction of tens of millions of jobs due to the pandemic.

While the unemployment rate fell to 8.4% in August, data and research from the Fed showed that the job market recovery is slowing as the virus continues to spread.

Pelosi asked the House to approve stimulus for $ 3 billion in May but the initiative was not supported by the Senate, controlled by the Republicans, and after weeks of stagnation in the negotiations between the two parties, they were at a standstill, especially in what regarding aid to state and local governments to avoid a wave of layoffs.

Meadows called this issue the main « obstacle » in the negotiations, noting that the nearly $ 1 trillion additional requested by Pelosi « is not supported by the facts. »

Instead, the government aims to give « specific relief to the people who need it the most » and said there is a « surge of support » for some kind of deal.

« I am optimistic that in the next two weeks the pressure and voice of the American people will begin to impact members of Congress, » he said.

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