The WhatsApp that shows that Barcelona rejected Mbappé … to sign Dembélé

Kylian Mbappé he gave a real recital at the Camp Nou with the PSG shirt, which left the tie on track for the Parisians. Although that exhibition could well have been with the Barcelona shirt. The striker was about to join the ranks of the Barça team in 2017, after Neymar left, but the club rejected him. «Yes, it was, I can confirm it, Mbappé was offered to Barça in 2017», He assured Junior Minguella in El Partidazo de Cope.

“In fact, now more than ever because some manager has already confirmed it and gave his version of the story, it is totally true. We find ourselves in a situation where we knew from my father that Neymar had an agreement with PSG and he was going there. The club leaders either did not know it or did not believe it and we were at that moment in which Neymar, due to a contractual bonus, had not yet confirmed that he was leaving and the club said that he did not want to take a step before Neymar left “He added.

It all starts with Neymar’s march to Paris. At that moment, Barcelona begins to look for a substitute for the Brazilian, and Mbappe appears as one of the options along with Ousmane Dembélé: «At the moment in which it is confirmed that Neymar leaves, the technicians and the president, who does not want to skip them (the technicians), have doubts about the player they want to incorporate and believe that they are doing better for the type of game of the Dembélé team than Mbappé. Some even went so far as to say that this Mbappé was a ghost, that against whom had this boy tied ».

«We had the deal closed at 130 million plus 25 in incentives. Mbappé would earn between 10 and 16 million net, “he added. At that time, the young Paris Saint Germain player was 18 years old and had just led Monaco to the semifinals of the Champions League.

Real Madrid was also very interested in him and was very close to taking over his services, but finally that summer he ended up going to PSG with Neymar. There he has become a star as he demonstrated this Tuesday in the game against Barça at the Camp Nou. “Madrid was not entirely clear about going (for Mbappé) at that time because they had no place in the squad. And in fact, Kylian preferred to come to Barcelona because at that moment Neymar comes out and he sees the hole. On the other hand, in Madrid there were Bale, Cristiano, Benzema, etc ».

In case anyone did not believe this information, Junior Miguella He shared the proof on his official Twitter profile: «Gift for haters and unbelievers. When will we understand that the enemy of the Barça fans is not at home? ».