Fans are convinced that The Weeknd he dedicated one of the songs on his album to Selena Gomez

This weekend, The Weeknd released their new album, “After Hours”, and fans are convinced that the song “Save Your Tears“It talks about the short relationship he had with Selena Gomez in 2017.

The theory arose from the fragment of the lyrics that says: “I saw you dance in a room full of people”, and fans related it to “Crowded Room”, one of the songs that is part of Sel’s album, “Rare” .

These are some of the comments circulating on Twitter:

Wait, is ‘Save Your Tears’ about Selena? “I saw you in a room full of people,” Abel PLEASE. “
“Abel referred to the ‘crowded room’ 2 times. Selena has a song called ‘Crowded Room’ with 6lack, someone who toured with Abel during the legend of the fall tour (referencing Starboy: Legend of the Fall Tour). ”

Fans originally expected The Weeknd to release “Like Selena,” a song the singer had allegedly recorded; however, it was later revealed that the subject would never come to light.

Do you think “Save Your Tears” is dedicated to Selena?

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