The week starts with an Atlantic front that will leave rains in almost all of Spain News Spain

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) foresees for tomorrow, Monday, the arrival of a new atlantic front which will leave rainfall in almost the entire territory, less likely in the Mediterranean area and without affecting Melilla, the southeast coast and the Gulf of Valencia. The rainfall sThere will be snow in the extreme north and Guadarrama and will tend to remit or disperse as the day progresses, except in the northwest of the peninsula, around the Central and Iberian systems and Betic mountains, where they will be more abundant and persistent and may accumulate significant amounts.

The Snow cover It will be located in the Pyrenees between 1,000 / 1,400 meters down to 800 / 1,200 meters, and in the rest of the extreme north and Guadarrama 1,400 / 2,000 meters.

possibility of mists and fog banks in Galicia, inland on the southern Atlantic slope, the Pyrenees and, at the end of the day, also in the upper Ebro, inland northwest and Mallorca.

The daytime temperatures they will go down in the Cantabrian and the Ebro valley, they will go up in Galicia and the Meseta and little change in the rest; Night time will continue to be unusually high for these dates in most areas, with scattered frosts in the mountain systems, more intense in the Pyrenees.

He wind It will blow from the west in a good part of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands with strong intervals in the Pyrenees, the Balearic Islands, the southeastern interior of the peninsula and the Alboran coast, strong in the Almeria coast, weak in Galicia and Cantabrian and trade winds in the Canary Islands.

Prediction by autonomous communities:

GALICIA: Generalized rains and showers, locally strong and persistent in Pontevedra and in the Montaña de Lugo, tending to subside the rainfall in the afternoon. Mists and fog banks. Temperatures unchanged on the north coast and rising in the rest, generally light. Wind from the east on the north coast and weak from the southwest in the rest, with more intense intervals at the beginning on the coast of Pontevedra.

PRINCIPALITY OF ASTURIAS: Generalized rains and showers, which will remit from north to south from noon. Snow level 1,400-1,600 meters rising above 1,800 meters in the west. Minimum temperatures unchanged or with slight changes and maximum decreasing, except in the southwest, where no changes are expected or they rise slightly. Weak frosts in high areas. Variable loose wind predominating the eastern component on the coast.

CANTABRIA: Rains and showers, somewhat more intense in the Liébana area that will gradually subside in the afternoon throughout the community. Snow level around 1,400 meters going up. Minimum temperatures without significant changes, and maximums and slight decrease. Weak and scattered frosts in high elevations in the southwest. Variable loose wind tending east on the coast.

BASQUE COUNTRY: Rains and showers that will subside in the afternoon. Minimum temperatures with few changes and reaching at the end of the day; and highs in decline. Variable loose wind in the interior rolling north and west component on the coast rolling north and northeast.

CASTILLA AND LEÓN: covered with abundant low cloudiness that can cause fogs in the mountains and nearby, tending in the northeast to cloudy intervals at the end. Weak rainfall, occasional in the southwest at the beginning, and that will tend to subside, in the north, at the end of the day. They can be persistent locally in points of the northwest and the Central and Iberian System. Snow level above 1,400 or 1,600 meters at the beginning in the north and northeast, and 2,000 meters in the rest, although tending to rise slightly. Rising temperatures, except in the extreme northeast, where they can drop slightly. Weak frosts in high mountain points in the north and east. Southwest winds diminishing to the north and northeast, loose.

FORAL COMMUNITY OF NAVARRE: Weak rains and showers, somewhat more persistent in the Ribera, tending to subside in the afternoon. Snow level around 1,200 meters. Minimum temperatures unchanged or slightly decreasing and reaching at the end of the day; and maximum in descent, less pronounced in the Pyrenees. Weak frosts in the Pyrenees. Loose wind from the northwest rolling east and northeast on the Cantabrian slope.

THE RIOJA: covered with weak rainfalls, frequent in the first half of the day, especially in western Iberia, and subsiding from the afternoon. Snow level over 1,500 meters tending to rise over 1,800 or 2,000 meters. Minimum temperatures without changes and maximum temperatures slightly decreasing. Weak frosts in high areas of the Iberian. Winds from the southwest in the Sierra, and variable tending to the northwest in the Valley, generally loose.

ARAGON: covered decreasing at cloudy intervals, with generalized rainfall, less likely in the south of Huesca and more abundant and intense in the Iberian, without ruling out that they are locally persistent in more western points of the Sierra de Albarracín. Snow level going down from 1,200 meters to 800 meters in the Pyrenees and going up from 1,400-1,500 meters to more than 2,000 meters in the Iberian. Temperatures with few changes, except for local decreases in the maximums in the Ebro valley. Frosts in the Pyrenees, weak in parts of the Iberian. Loose to moderate west and northwest wind, with strong gusts in the Iberian and some strong intervals in the high heights of the Pyrenees in the afternoon.

CATALONIA: covered, decreasing in the afternoon at cloudy intervals, with weak rainfall, preferably in the western half during the morning and on the northern slopes of the Pyrenees and the northeast in the afternoon. Snow level going down from 1,200 meters to 800 meters in the Pyrenees. Temperatures unchanged or slightly decreasing, with some local ascent in the Lleida Pyrenees. Frosts in the Pyrenees. Loose to moderate northwest wind in the south; from moderate to strong north in the Ampurdán; variable weak in the rest, with a predominance of moderate north wind, with some strong interval, in the high altitudes of the Pyrenees in the afternoon.

ESTREMADURA: covered with abundant low cloudiness that can cause fog in high areas. Weak rainfall, more frequent in the north and in the first half of the day. Rising temperatures. Winds from the southwest to the west.

MADRID’S COMMUNITY: covered with mists and fog banks in high areas of the Sierra by retention cloudiness. Weak rains, less likely in the south, which in the afternoon will be restricted to the Sierra, where they can be accompanied by scattered showers and be locally strong and persistent. Rainfall could be in the form of snow on the peaks of the Sierra. Minimum temperatures with few changes and increasing maximums, more pronounced in the Sierra. Possibility of weak frosts in peak areas. Loose southwest winds increasing in intensity in the central hours, when very strong gusts from the west are expected in the peaks of the Sierra.

CASTILLA LA MANCHA: covered, except in the southeast of Albacete where there will be cloudy intervals. Mists and morning fogs due to retention cloudiness in the mountain areas that will be more persistent in the Iberian and in the Alcaraz mountain range. Weak, more intense and frequent rains in the northeast, western third and Sierra de Alcaraz and unlikely in the extreme southeast, which in the afternoon will be limited to the mountain areas of the eastern half, without ruling out that they are locally strong or persistent in the Iberian. Minimum temperatures with little change and maximum temperatures with few changes in the northeast and in the Sierra de Alcaraz, and increasing in the rest of the Community. Weak and scattered frosts on the summits of the Central and Iberian systems. Winds from the west and southwest, with strong intervals in the central hours in the southern half and with very strong gusts in Albacete.

VALENCIAN COMMUNITY: Cloudy decreasing at cloudy intervals from noon, with light and scattered precipitation in the morning, and probable in areas of the northern interior in the afternoon. Temperatures with little change. Loose to moderate west wind, with strong or very strong gusts in interior areas.

REGION OF MURCIA: cloudy with minimum temperatures decreasing; highs with slight changes. Winds from the west, with very strong gusts in the north of the region.

BALEARIC ISLANDS: covered with rainfall from noon. Nighttime decreasing and daytime temperatures with little change. Wind from the west and southwest with some strong interval, turning during the afternoon or night to the north.

ANDALUSIA: cloudy intervals on the Mediterranean coast and the eastern end and cloudy or covered in the rest, with generally weak and occasional rains, more intense and frequent in the Betic mountains, being unlikely in the Mediterranean coast and without reaching the eastern end. Mists and morning mists indoors. Temperatures with little change. Winds from the west, increasing to strong with very strong gusts on the coast and high areas of the eastern third.

CANARY ISLANDS: in the north and east of the islands, cloudy intervals, predominantly clear in central hours. In peaks and other areas, little cloudy. Temperatures with few changes on the coasts and a slight decrease in the interior, more pronounced in the highs. Northeast wind loose, increased to moderate in the afternoon.