The web version of Microsoft’s xCloud Game Streaming technology for iOS, iPadOS and PC is now in the testing phase

The Verge website has posted new screenshots and information on the current state of Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming technology on iOS and PC platforms. Both versions are reportedly undergoing internal testing at Microsoft and will run the games in full screen via a web browser (rather than a dedicated app like the Xbox App and Xbox Game Pass App currently available on Android).

The browser fix should allow Microsoft to overcome a key hurdle that has prevented the software company from bringing its game streaming technology (primarily Xbox Game Pass) to iOS devices until now: Apple’s restrictive policies on gaming services. applications and the cloud. For example, bringing Xbox Game Pass to iOS through a dedicated app would require each and every game available on the service to be submitted to Apple for individual review, in addition to other restrictions. Obviously, this would create an extremely inconvenient situation for Microsoft, as well as most of the third-party developers participating in the Xbox Game Pass program, not to mention iOS end-users who would likely not receive the same level of selection as the more than 15 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers on other platforms.

In fact, a rudimentary version of xCloud Console Streaming (i.e. streaming the Xbox console and games to a PC screen) has been around for several years as part of the Xbox Console Companion application for PC, but it only supports streaming. streaming from the Xbox One, One S and One X consoles, and not from the new generation X and S Series models. Although the streaming function of the old application continues to work, Microsoft has already officially confirmed that it will be replaced by the new Xbox (Beta) and Xbox Game Pass apps, which are expected to inherit the modern versions of Console Streaming and Game Streaming with Xbox Game Pass respectively once they are no longer in internal testing. Microsoft has already committed to launching a public beta of xCloud for iOS and PC in the spring, just as it launched the streaming service on Android devices last year, so the opportunity for iOS and PC users to try the latest iteration of the streaming service is almost imminent.