The model and partner of Cristiano Ronaldo, made headlines for a particular wardrobe mishap during his participation in the Venice Film Festival (.)

Georgina Rodríguez, Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, has become one of the most requested figures at the Venice Film Festival. The model dazzled with her beauty and was considered one of the best dressed. However, he committed a small mistake that did not go unnoticed and he was not forgiven on Twitter.

The footballer’s partner posed in front of the photographers who were waiting on the pier for him to get off the gondola that had brought him. After stealing all the flashes in a beautiful and sensual dress on the red carpet on her first night at the festival, Rodriguez chose a more laid-back look for her second appearance on camera.

The 26-year-old model wore a model that consisted of a lingerie shirt tucked into white palazzo pants with a matching jacket. The superb look, however, was overshadowed by one detail that attracted much more attention from the paparazzi: he had forgotten to remove the price tag from the jacket he was using.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend posed before the photographers in a dazzling suit that did not go unnoticed by anyone as he forgot to remove the tag (Shutterstock)

Without wanting to, Rodríguez was the protagonist of a fun blooper that went around the world. As expected, the photos of the model’s carelessness quickly went viral and were published in major European media.

« Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner has lit up the Venice Film Festival. And yes she paid for that jacket”Wrote a journalist through his Twitter profile in an ironic way.

Georgina Rodriguez had to wear a chinstrap at the event, as did everyone present

Although Rodríguez is not related to the world of entertainment, since her famous boyfriend moved to Italy to play for Juventus, the Argentine-born is a regular guest at this great event of the seventh art, and her presence always usually generates a great repercussion. This year was not the exeption.

Director Pedro Almodovar with Georgina Rodriguez at the premiere « The human voice » during the 77th Venice Film Festival (AP)

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo are on their way to serving four years of relationship after came to light in June 2016. From that moment, the couple began to establish themselves more and more until finally, as a result of that love, Aldana was born in 2017.

Today, living in Italy, the model gave intimate details of the relationship to the Italian magazine Grazia, where She spoke of the first meeting they had, the sudden fame she was not used to, and her children.

Regarding the unexpected popularity, Rodríguez assured that,“The situation became unbearable. People were chasing me. They called me on the phone, the reporters came to the boutique pretending to be customers « 

“Little by little I began to work behind the counter to curb the aggressive curiosity of the press. I changed, but they were still on me. I can’t go out without security, because there is always someone who wants to photograph me. That is why I always have to worry about my safety, « he added.

Rodríguez went from anonymity to fame in an instant upon meeting Ronaldo and since then the two have formed a solid couple that, according to her, remains not only due to love, but also to some secrets. « Being the partner of someone so famous is not easy, but I would not change it for anything in the world, « he confessed.

The Portuguese soccer player and his girlfriend Georgina Rodríguez celebrated their love with a party for their inner circle

“Our first meeting was at a Gucci store, where I was working as a sales assistant. Days later we met again at another event of the brand. It was there that we were able to speak in a more relaxed atmosphere, outside of the work environment. It was love at first sight”, He told British media The Sun. “The height, the body, the beauty caught my attention. I was shaking in front of him, but a spark lit up. « 

He also spoke about the children of the family (Ronaldo Jr, Aldana and the twins Mateo and Eva): « They are the most important (…) We rarely turn on television, the only programs we see are cartoons « , and added: » I want to make my children protagonists of a special life. « 

Rodriguez comes from a working family. As a teenager, she raised money as a babysitter in England, until she began casting and dabbled in the world of modeling. Currently she continues to work as a model for various brands.


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