At the beginning of summer we talked in Genbeta about the arrival of Podimo, a platform with mobile apps that wanted to become the “Netflix from podcasts“. The company wanted to transmit from the beginning that its mission in our country was to improve what exists in the market in terms of recommendations, and launch a subscription plan where it can launch exclusive podcasts whose authors will enter more, since improving monetization is the second Podimo’s goal.

Podimo has advanced the arrival ‘Podimo Premium’, which was launched today at a price of € 3.99 with a free 14-day trial period. Depending on the platform, this will allow access to 300 original and exclusive podcasts.

A promise of 40 new exclusive episodes per week, and more than 2,000 per year

Podimo Premium

Podimo already boasts of offering 50,000 podcasts in Spanish and 650,000 in English, and that will continue to coexist with Podimo Premium. What the subscription will add is being able to listen exclusively to Patry Jordán, Iker Jiménez, Teresa Viejo, Xavi Martínez or Javier Ruescas, among others.

To this will be added a selection of “the best audiobooks” in Spanish, less than three hours long. Thus, along with other names such as Amarna Miller and Gakian, who will tell the stories of twelve women in ‘Con voz de mujer’ or Clara Lago, who will tell the story of the disaster in Bhopal, the offer goes beyond the classic podcasts .

The consumption of podcasts soars in Spain in 2020 with Spotify as the main protagonist, according to a report by Voxnest

With Podimo Premium There are already two podcasting subscription platforms that are launched in Spain in September, because a few days ago iVoox Plus was launched for 9.99 euros per month.

Although clearly all the players are going to compete with each other, including giants like Spotify or Apple, Javier Celaya, responsible for the platform’s Spanish markets, told us that “there is room for everyone in podcasting, because the market is going to grow and become more dynamic. “So we just have to wait and see the strategy they follow.

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