‘The Walking Dead’: Rick’s films are still in development, although Norman Reedus does not know if he will be in them

Norman Reedus, the actor who has played Daryl on the zombie series since its first season, recently gave an interview for Comicbook in which has talked about ‘The Walking Dead’ movies starring Rick Grimes, the character of Andrew Lincoln, after his farewell from the series in season 9.

The actor has shared what he knows about these films on the occasion of the presentation of season 11 of the AMC series, which will also be the last and will have a total of 24 episodes. Reedus said: “I don’t think anybody knows what’s going on with the movies right now. I hear different responses from different groups. So I think the direction the movie is going to take is kind of up in the air. I think. .. he’s changed his perspective a couple of times. I don’t know anything about it. I’ll just leave it there. “

Therefore, Reedus does not seem to have much information about these future films starring Rick, which does not however prevent pronounce on a possible reunion between his character and the one played by Andrew Lincoln: “I want a meeting between Rick and Daryl”, the actor continues: “I do not want it to be free. Nor do I want it to be something cheap. I want it to be something real.” The actor also talks about the friendship relationship that both characters have had throughout the different seasons in which they have intervened, alluding to the following: “It is one of the most powerful relationships in the series, and for me personally, one of my favorite relationships to interpret. “

On this hypothetical meeting between Rick and Daryl also spoke a couple of years ago Scott Gimple, head of content of the Universe of ‘The Walking Dead’, who said the following: “I can not rule it out.” Gimple added: “The kind of stories we can tell makes the canvas grow bigger and bigger. The sky’s the limit for ‘The Walking Dead.’ And all of these characters are going to have powerful stories and we’re going to tell them in all of them. their possible forms “.

Both Reedus and his co-star Melissa McBride (Carol in the series) signed in 2018 a three-year contract with AMC that allowed them to move freely throughout that expanded universe that the series was creating, appearing in different projects that also included these films about the character of Rick. The presence of both has also recently been confirmed in ‘Daryl & Carol’, spin-off of the star series.

Still alive

Although Norman Reedus lacks much information about the films of ‘The Walking Dead’, these “are still alive” according to Greg Nicotero, executive producer of the series and these future films. These films, originally announced as a trilogy, were confirmed in 2018 revealing that Rick Grimes’ return to this universe would be seen on the big screen.

Nicotero, also a makeup and special effects veteran, reveals that both Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman, who wrote the script for the first film in this trilogy, “they are making sure to get it right”. Nicotero also says: “I would like to know [de que van estas películas]. I have been reading different drafts of the script in the last few months. (…) I always think about it: «Okay, so the series has finished shooting, but now they are talking about different spin-offs and all these films» “, assures Nicotero. He continues to assure that don’t know “when it’s going to seem like we’re done now [con este universo]”.

Although at this time little more details are known about these films, the truth is that in December of last year, Scott Gimple confirmed that this film trilogy was still in development., with the aim of being released only in theaters.

While we wait for more details to be known about these films that would bring back the character of Andrew Lincoln, the eleventh (and final) season of ‘The Walking Dead’ arrives at AMC on August 22nd.

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