The Walking Dead launches fictional song after the villain’s origins are revealed | Reform

The walking dead revealed in his most recent episode that, prior to the apocalypse, the villain Beta (Ryan Hurst) was a famous country music singer known as Half Moon.

What may have remained a small curiosity for fans has gone further, as one of the artist’s songs was published on the official Twitter account of the series. fictional.

AMC, In charge of television production, she shared the full version of “I Went to the Well”.

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That song was first heard in a sequence in which Beta faces survivors after the death of Alpha at the hands of Negan.

The showrunner Angela Kang revealed that the origin story of Beta, imagined by Hurst, was partly inspired by singer Garth Brooks. In the comics, the character is a famous basketball player.

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Beta was recreated as a world famous musician, described in the fictional album Half Moon: Live in Concert, as a “true American genius” and “the most prolific artist”.

According to Kang, they initially thought of turning Beta in soccer player, but it was the actor who embodies it who decided to be a singer.

This guy was famous and he had a dark side that came up in the apocalypse. So we worked on this origin story and thought it would be really fun to have this musical figure, “Kang said.

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The song seems to have convinced fans, who even suggested that Hurst could consider a new career as a musician.

More Half Moon songs please, “wrote one user on Twitter.

On the other hand, the coronavirus has sparked so much psychosis that a fan of the series The walking dead, He found a very curious detail that directly relates the coronavirus to something that happened in the series, although not related to the fact that there are or will be zombies.

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It is one of the iconic scenes in the series, where they show the hospital where Rick Grimmmes awake after the incident he had, a detail that is very surprising, since the Harrison Memorial hospital does exist in this world.