‘The Walking Dead’ is suffering greatly from the coronavirus crisis. The three series of the franchise have suffered delays in their different stages of development., but the last setback has come unexpectedly, and that is that the matrix fiction will see cut the broadcast of its tenth season after it was impossible to complete the last episode, which was due to air on AMC on April 12.

Michonne in ‘The Walking Dead’

The Twitter account of the television universe of ‘The Walking Dead’ has been in charge of confirming the news: “Current events have unfortunately made it impossible to complete the post-production of the end of the tenth season of ‘The Walking Dead’, so The season will end with its fifteenth episode on April 5. The planned ending will appear as a special episode later this year.. “

Therefore, the tenth season loses its last link, which in this fiction is always one of the most shocking episodes. Looking ahead to ‘The Walking Dead’, the coronavirus has also delayed the production of the eleventh seasonThis could lead to further delays in the future, stripping the series of its usual premiere in early fall.

The second void

The delay of this final episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ comes just days after ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ announced it was postponing its premiere also due to the pandemic. In that case, all episodes have been completed, so there should be no impediments to releasing it later in 2020. For its part, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ has had to stop production, so the franchise is in a very delicate moment.