The Last Dance is hitting very hard. The ESPN documentary that can be seen on Netflix in Spain tells how the Chicago Bulls of Michael Jordan They won their last ring in 1998 and do an intensive review of the career of Jordan and many members of that great team. However, in 10 chapters it does not fit everything, and there are many more than interesting anecdotes that ended up being left out.

The documentary filmmaker, Jason Hehir, commented some days ago in an ESPN post about some of those stories that remained in the pipeline. Among them, undoubtedly the most interesting is one in which he narrates how MJ during his time in high school managed to enter a campus to go to the NCAA:

Between his sophomore and junior years in high school his coach tried to get him admitted to a 5-star campus and to do so he fattened his stats. If he didn’t, no big scout was ever going to see a boy from Wilmington, North Carolina. He spent a week that was the time that his parents could afford economically and he was named MVP of the campus. There were players like Patrick Ewing or Len Bias there, but he beat them all. They tried to get him to stay longer because there were college coaches who wanted to see him, but his parents had no more money. Thus, they reached an agreement for him to work in the kitchen and to stay. Thus, MJ was the MVP of the second week being a waiter and serving the food to the companions whom he then pounded on the court. “

Thus, this stay was key so that later Michael went to the University of North Carolina and began to make a name for himself in basketball.