The queen category does not rule out accompanying F1 on its calendar

Catherine Bond Muir works in several ways for the future of the series

The W Series, the competition made up entirely of female drivers, could accompany Formula 1 on its 2021 calendar, after doubts about the future of the DTM.

The category, released in 2019, has had to cancel its 2020 program due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In it, two events on his calendar went as a support category for Formula 1: at the Circuit of the Americas, along with the United States Grand Prix; and at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome, at the Mexican Grand Prix. That showcase was going to be a great time for the category, which normally accompanies the DTM.

The German touring car championship is not at its best either, as the departure of Audi compromises its future and, therefore, that of the W Series. For this reason, the organization is already looking for alternatives. “We are talking to various series at the moment,” said Catherine Bond Muir, the founder and executive director of the W Series, in statements collected by the . agency.

“Our desire is to run internationally, and expand our geographical horizons as much as possible,” he said. With rounds scheduled in America for 2020, likely to repeat in 2021, Asia would be the next target for the W Series. The Australian Grand Prix has also been open to hosting the women’s category in 2021.

However, if the agreement with Liberty Media and Formula 1 does not come to fruition, Bond Muir is already working on alternatives. “Perhaps we will make our own careers. We are working to move the economy forward in that aspect now. We would like to maintain the agreement with the DTM, but if not, we have reserve plans,” he confirmed.

Jamie Chadwick is the reigning W Series champion, something that has helped her enter the Williams structure. The category aims to act as a springboard to have a Formula 1 driver back. The W Series have a Spanish presence, since in 2020 Marta García, Nerea Martí and Belén García were going to compete.

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