The Vox boss who compares himself to Kamala Harris

The Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, is traveling through Latin America in which it is his first institutional exit since he took office. One of the objectives of this tour, they point out from Euronews, is to stop illegal immigration to their country, one of the priorities of the Biden Administration. Thus, from Guatemala, has sent a message to those who intend to cross the border illegally urging them not to. A message shared by Jorge Buxadé, leader of Vox, ensuring that if they say something like that, they accuse them of “xenoqué and other niceties.”

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“What is VP Kamala saying now that illegal immigrants should not go to the US, that they are reinforcing their borders and that the illegal immigrants lose all hope. But If we say it on VOX, the media rip clothes and we are the bogeyman. Someone has to say what everyone knows, ”Buxadé published in a message with a video, in English, in which Harris’s statements can be heard.

In a second tweet, this time sharing the video with Spanish subtitles, he insisted on comparing the speech of the US vice president and that of Vox. “If you say it or I say it, they accuse us of xenoqué and other niceties. If she says so, having slandered half her nation, they will tell you to kneel. Let’s fight lies and deception! Truth and common sense! #FronterasSeguras ”, he added.

In his speech, which is part of the US policy of investing in origin to reduce the flow of illegal immigration, Harris wanted to dissuade those who are thinking of undertaking a trip that I describe as “extremely dangerous”. He told them directly: “Don’t come.” The vice president of the United States insisted that her country enforce the rules and also asked everyone, in general, not to encourage friends, family and acquaintances to try to cross the border illegally in an action that, she added, only benefits coyotes (the people who are in charge of crossing illegal migrants).

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Buxadé, who has compared his speech with that of Harris through the two aforementioned tweets that he himself has retweeted again, is the head of the Vox delegation in the European Parliament and first vice president of ultra-right training. As indicated by his profile on the party’s website, as such, “it corresponds to him, in his order, to supply the functions of the President in the event of death, illness or resignation, as well as to preside over the areas of activity that are specifically agreed by the CEN, at the proposal of the president. (Art. 17 of the Statutes) ”.

State Attorney and Law Degree by the Abad Oliva-San Pablo CEU University, has been university professor in various centers And, as with the rest of the members of his training, one of the topics in which he is most active in social networks has to do with immigration and the alleged problems of coexistence and insecurity that, according to Abascal’s, this entails.

During the campaign for the european elections starred in several controversial for their statements. One of the most famous was when he assured during a rally that “the princess of our childhood, who was Cinderella, was mistreated by her stepmother and her stepsisters, who are all those ugly feminists that tell Spanish women what to do ”.

Shortly after that, in an interview with El Mundo collected by, he acknowledged that if something he regretted in his political career he was having been part of the Popular Party between 2003 and 2014, but not having been from Falange. Because, he argued, “about what I did when I was young, excited and with patriotic convictions, well no …”.

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