It is now official and effective: from now on, all Volvo cars will leave the factory with a maximum speed limitation of 180 km / h. With this measure, Volvo materializes the promise it made last year, when it announced this measure, which has not been without some controversy.

However, Volvo’s ultimate goal is laudable: it wants to “close the gap that prevents definitive ending” of fatalities on the road and serious injuries in road accidents. In fact, the Swedish manufacturer has set itself the goal of no fatalities or seriously injured in one of his new cars.

Electronic factory-imposed maximum speed limitation has been (and still is) quite a matter controversial from the moment it was announced, as some voices they question the right manufacturers to impose this restriction through technology on an item that is privately owned from the time of purchase.

Volvo is aware of this controversy, but clings to the evidence. The brand emphasizes that, above a certain speed, all car safety technology ceases to be effective in preventing deaths and / or serious injuries in the event of an accident. From the structural design to absorb the energy of an impact, to driving assistants or elements such as the airbag or the belt.

In addition to speed limitation, all Volvo will include the ‘Care Key’ as standard, with which car owners can set additional maximum speed limits. This function is a type of parental control and is intended to limit the maximum speed of the car before lending it to a new or inexperienced driver, who has just obtained a driving license, a relative or any other third person.