Volkswagen Nivus is the first vehicle to be developed in a 100% digital way without physical prototypes, and it is also surprising for its athletic design

He Volkswagen Nivus It has become one of the great bets of the German brand in Brazil and Latin America, its arrival is getting closer and closer and promises to captivate fans in all aspects.

The Nivus it’s a little SUV It already has the green light to start its production, which will take place at the Volkswagen factory in Ancheita, Brazil. This vehicle is characterized for being the first car of Volkswagen Group developed in a 100% digital way, that is, without the need to create a physical prototype in any of its phases, which allowed Volkswagen to reduce costs and cut 10 months the time necessary to create this model.

Volkswagen Nivus.
Credit: Courtesy Volkswagen Brasil.

The car was also fully developed in Brazil, with the intention of being sold both in Latin America and in Europe. According to the Motorpasión portal, the Ancheita factory will be responsible for supplying our region, while Volkswagen’s facilities in Navarra, Spain, will do the same with the European market next year.

The importance of Nivus is so large that the Ancheita plant, the oldest factory in Volkswagen in Brazil, it expanded 24,000 m² and acquired 419 new equipment, including state-of-the-art robots and a very large press for the manufacture of this SUV.

The Volkswagen Nivus It will begin to be sold in Brazil from the next few weeks, while Argentina will welcome you in the second half of this year. The rest of the Latin American markets, including Mexico, will receive it during the first half of 2021, and in Europe it will begin to market until the second half of 2021.


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