Saturday September 12, 2020, TF1 broadcast the last round of blind auditions of the new season of The Voice Kids. After three first evenings full of emotion and surprise, the four coaches were able to seal their respective teams before starting the battles. Jenifer, Soprano, Kendji Girac and Patrick Fiori were not disappointed by the latest budding artists who appeared before them.

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Summary of September 12, 2020.


Maya, 9, comes from Marseille and has always been singing. Fan of the show The Voice, it is an electric battery which asks only to make the show. However, it is a shy Maya who appears on the stage when it comes time to open the ball. Despite everything, his voice captivates the coaches. Jenifer had warned behind the scenes, for the last blind auditions, she does not intend to waste a minute, so it is with haste that she turns around for Maya. Kendji Girac does not take long to join her on the other side of the chair. And in extremis, Patrick Fiori and Soprano have the call of the buzzer. It is therefore a full box for the little girl.

Maya join the team of Patrick Fiori.


Tchavolo, 15, comes from a family of musicians. He plays the guitar brilliantly without ever having taken lessons. He is very inspired by Kendji Girac, his gipsy idol. But with The Voice Kids, he especially wants to show that he has his own personality. And he has! Still, Tchavolo struggles to channel his voice, which makes the coaches doubt. Fortunately for him, Patrick Fiori still decides to give him a chance. Together, they end up improvising a duet on stage on Vianney’s hit. And even a trio since Kendji Girac joins them.

Chavolo join the team of Patrick Fiori.


Chiara, 15, is a musical comedy fan. She even takes classes. Used to singing in a group, this time she will have to sing alone, simply accompanied by her piano. The emotion is at its height during her performance and she almost manages to win unanimity since three coaches out of four turn around. If they all recognize some excitement in Chiara, her sweetness and the choice of her song make her a very coveted Talent despite everything. Even Patrick Fiori comes to regret not having turned around.

Chiara join the team of Kendji Girac.


Arnaud, 10, is a very sensitive little boy who is already committed to his young age. By singing Daniel Balavoine, he wants to send a message … to Emmanuel Macron! Indeed, Arnaud would like the President of the Republic to come to the aid of people who are in the street, those who do not have anything to warm up or those who do not have a job. After a few misses due to stress, Arnaud shows a lot of power with his voice, pushing Soprano to turn around, as he hoped, because he is a fan, but also Patrick Fiori and Kendji Girac. Faced with all the compliments, Arnaud must make a choice, but we knew it, he has a preference. To reveal the coach he chooses, he unbuttons his shirt … and reveals a T-shirt with Soprano writing on it.

Arnaud join the team of Soprano.


Maxence, 14, makes his dream come true by participating in The Voice Kids. He will do everything to be selected by the coaches, because “when he wants something, he is able to come back to the charge until he gets it,” reveals his father behind the scenes. And it’s true, Maxence never gave up, even after having been refused in the casting of the show, five years in a row … “But I always told myself that if I didn’t try every year, I will regret when I get older. ” To try to stand out, Maxence did not choose the easy way since he will perform a song by Adele. His efforts will have paid off and Maxence is reaping the favors of the four coaches. “You groove, it was tender, there was nothing forced, it was pretty … it was inconceivable not to look back on you, otherwise it’s not called The Voice”, Judge Jenifer. “We really enjoyed ourselves”, adds Patrick Fiori. Maxence finally chooses Soprano and allows the artist to complete his team of twelve Talents. Even if, in the event of a big crush, he has the right to use the red button one last time.

Maxence join the team of Soprano.


Emma, ​​12, took the risky bet of interpreting Lara Fabian and what’s more in Italian. Despite some weaknesses, the challenge is met with flying colors and Jenifer, Patrick Fiori and Kendji Girac turn around, enough to make the girl cry. But after talking with all the coaches, Emma quickly comes to her senses and even teases them by challenging them to do the best floss (urban dance movement in which a person swings their arms, clenched fists, alternately in front of them. then behind his body in a pendulum movement). If Kendji Girac has lent himself seriously to the game, it was rather a hassle for his comrades Patrick and Jenifer, not really in rhythm.

Emma join the team of Patrick Fiori.


Tess, 15, hopes to be able to share a lot of emotion by singing the song that revealed Slimane in The Voice for adults in 2016 and which has since allowed him to enter the hearts of the French. The bet won hands down for Tess! The young girl who demonstrated her talents as a pianist only two years after having started taking lessons, receives a standing ovation. “The interpretation you just made was extraordinary,” the coaches address him, captivated.

Tess join the team of Jenifer.


12-year-old Eva discovered her vocal abilities somewhat at random, while participating in karaoke while on vacation. Since then, she has clung with determination to the microphone. Showing a lot of groove, she is moving towards a repertoire that resembles her in which we therefore find Amy Winehouse. Not a big fan of the late singer, Patrick Fiori salutes her courage for having interpreted one of her songs. “Bravo, repertoire of phew, trap song and you did wonderfully, it was terrifying of happiness”, he says. But this time it’s the girl power that wins.

Eva join the team of Jenifer.


Samvel, 12, was born in Armenia. He has only been living in France for six years, where he has settled with his family in Marseille. For his blind hearing, the young boy chooses to honor his origins, hoping at the same time to make Patrick Fiori travel. The latter was also convinced by the performance of the Talent, just as much as Jenifer. But the Marseille singer is one step ahead of his comrade, he who shares a piece of his story with emotion. “It’s extraordinary for a lot of reasons, the first is that I am proud of you, Armenia is a country that I particularly love, it is part of my roots; and the second is is the daring that you have, ”he tells Samvel. Thus, without much surprise, Patrick Fiori in turn completes his team with Samvel. However, it can buzz once again in the event of a crush.

Samvel join the team of Patrick Fiori.


Chloe, 11, delivers a very pretty and sweet performance of the famous Bibie hit. Only Kendji Girac turns around to welcome him to the adventure.

Chloe join the team of Kendji Girac.


Nathan, 12, comes straight from London, England. He succeeds in seducing Kendji Girac and Jenifer. But before choosing, he has the right to private coaching from Patrick Fiori. The latter is a bit strict with his new student, but Nathan manages in no time to erase some of his weaknesses. Unfortunately for Patrick Fiori, he will not be able to follow his development as closely as possible and the time has come for the choice. Nathan then goes to Jenifer. The singer in turn finalizes her team of 12 talents.

Nathan join the team of Jenifer.


Kendji is the last coach who lacks a talent, but he may have to fight, because in the event of a big crush, the others can start to buzz … And with the arrival of Marilou to close these final blind auditions, nothing is less certain. And for good reason, at only 14 years old, she already has everything of a pro on stage. Despite some hesitation, Kendji Girac lets himself be carried away by his crazy energy. As for the other coaches, they let him complete his team quietly. “You had fun, you had fun too, I wanted to move, you did not choose an easy song, it takes breath, but you were fishing, it’s perfect”, explains the former winner of The Voice. Marilou is therefore the last candidate to join the battles stage.

Marilou join the team of Kendji Girac.


Patrick Fiori : Rébecca, Elaia, Julien, Ema, Alice, Thomas, Martin, Musical Kids, Maya, Tchavolo, Emma, ​​Samvel

Jenifer : Lissandro, Sarah, Jérémy, Noémie, Léna, Ferdinand, Lohi, Kanesha, Gabrielle, Tess, Eva, Nathan

Kendji Girac : Maxime, Jody, Stéfi, Naomi, Abdellah, Emilia, Tony, Arieh, Lou, Chiara, Chloé, Marilou

Soprano : Timéo, Diodick, Rania, Iliane, Ilan, Zoé, Flora, Lola, Enzo, Myriam, Arnaud, Maxence