The coronavirus pandemic has had a negative impact on various industries and of course the musical has not been the exception. And is that with the outbreak of COVID-19 that has occurred in various parts of the world, there have been many artists have been forced to cancel or postpone live performances, something that not only impacts them directly, but also it affects the people behind the shows that many of us enjoy live.

In Mexico There are several musicians and people behind the musical entertainment industry who are going through this situation, because with dozens of postponed or canceled festivals and events in the country, most have been left without their only source of work and with it, without the possibility of bringing bread to their table during these days.

That is why several of the independent music promoters largest in the country, in conjunction with the Mexican association The day after and with the support of several Grupo Modelo beershave decided to organize the Far Away Together festival, an event where Through 17 days full of music, provided by more than 40 national and international bands, will try to raise money to help members of the music industry that they are looking gray these days because of the coronavirus.

This remote music festival will take place from April 4 to 20 through the website, o’clock at 8 at night. During live broadcasts by bands like Soffi Tukker, Hello Seahorse, Little Jesus, Girl Ultra, Rebel Cats and many others, an option will appear that will give viewers an opportunity to donate any amount of money to the cause through the platform Donor.

And it does not end there, since donations that people make in the Far Away Together festival streams will be rewarded with t-shirts, posters, pins, tote bags and even general or plus / vip tickets for any of the participating festivals, such as Bahidorá, Ceremony, Hellow Festival, Hypnosis, MUTEK MX, NRMAL, Tropic, among others.

The goal of this festivalazo is to raise 500 thousand pesos through these donations, of which 60% will be destined for all the bands and their staff, while the other 40% will go to The Day After, who will be in charge of creating a musical community restoration program once the coronavirus contingency ends, this in order to help vulnerable groups within the industry (musicians, staff and workers).

If you love live music and have the opportunity to support your favorite artists, this is the ideal time to do it. Remember that There are no “small” grants, and that each donation you make will help your favorite festivals to resume their activities when the entire coronavirus contingency passes..

Photo: Far Away Together