In the last days it has arrived through the verification service of through Whatsapp (+34 682 58 96 64) an image with some antibody test figures for COVID-19 delivered by the central government to Galicia, Andalusia, Murcia and Madrid, the four governed by the PP, and those that would have actually been used. The message of the image also adds that the representative of the main opposition party “did not know what to answer when asked about where the unused tests are.”

These numbers were provided by the deputy of the PSOEAna María Prieto, in the appearance that the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, made in Congress on April 30, not in the Senate, as stated in the message we have received. Although the figures are correct, the error of comparing data from different dates is incurred, so information is misleading.

In the press releases of the Ministry of Health we can see that the total figures of this message They come from the sum of the number of rapid tests, not including the PCRs, delivered by the central government on April 5, 11 and 24 to the entire country. In these amounts, the lots that the communities may have acquired on their own are not added.

We see, for example, that 206,400, 195,600 and 177,600 tests arrived in Madrid each of those days, for a total of 579,600 rapid tests.

The number of “used” exams, according to the image that has come down to us and the statements of the Galician deputy, we see them captured in the press release of April 27, in which Health reported that the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) placed Spain “in eighth place among the countries with the most COVID-19 tests carried out” .

In the same Health communication on the OECD, in capital letters and in bold we read: “INFORMATION PROVIDED BY THE CCAA (until 4/23) ”. This is one day before the Government began to distribute a new batch of rapid tests to the autonomies on April 24, amounts that when added to the total of days 5 and 11 result in the figures of the message that has reached us and the numbers that the Deputy Prieto provided in Congress on April 30.

And we know that the tests of April 24 they began to distribute that same day because in the statement from the Ministry of Health, dated that same day, we read: “the Government has begun to distribute 793,200 rapid tests for the detection of antibodies to the autonomous communities today, which join the departure of more than two million that has already distributed”.

What happens in the rest of the communities?

To make the comparison correctly, we would have to use the total number of tests received as of April 11, the last time that the Central Executive provided batches of rapid tests to all regions with the number of tests made up to the 23 of that month.

In this way Andalusia would be placed in fourth position with almost 34% of tests carried out, only Melilla (65.5%), Castilla y León (36.38%) and La Rioja (34%) were surpassed and would have better figures for various areas governed by the PSOE, such as Extremadura ( 29.57%) and Castilla La Mancha (27.73%).

Galicia would be in the middle of the table (15.57%) and Madrid (8.64%) and Murcia (5.33%) would occupy final positions.


National Statistics Institute, Ministry of Health, Congress of Deputies.