The VII Nissan Forum ensures more electric mobility


PSOE, PP and ERC participated in the VII Nissan Forum, a consolidated space in which several proposals were articulated to promote connected and electrified mobility

Almost like Christmas or the summer holidays, the Nissan Forum is already becoming a regular in the automotive sector. The seventh edition of this consolidated space in which they are articulated proposals to promote connected and electrified mobility has brought together the main political parties to talk with them about the future of connected and electrified mobility in our country.

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Done in Webbinar (digital) format, Nissan urged different politicians to present tax proposals to accelerate electrification. More specifically, one of the first points discussed was that of offer a reduced VAT for electric vehicles as one of the most effective measures for Spain to lead the electromobility train in Europe. so much so that from Nissan they assure that it could triple the sales of this type of vehicle. The position of the political parties is favorable to this type of initiative, in general, combined with other measures such as the MOVES Plans.

More points, less obstacles

A charging point for electric cars

3 photos A charging point for electric cars


If we talk about electrified mobility, the topic of infrastructures could not be absent. Nissan Iberia, through Francesc Corberó, Director of Communication, asked about the possibility of declare public charging points as assets of general interest to facilitate its installation and eliminate bureaucratic obstacles that delay its installation. The three political parties present at this VII Nissan Forum, PP, PSOE and ERC, agreed on the need to increase the charging infrastructure as a vector for the growth of electrification, for which it is necessary remove red tape current that hinder a rapid expansion of charging points throughout the Spanish geography.

Towards autonomous driving

Tesla Autopilot


Finally, a key aspect of mobility was addressed and that is related to safety. The Autonomous and connected mobility is a key element in reducing accidents on the roads since human error is present in 90% of accidents and, this technology would help avoid most of these errors. Helena Caballero, representative of the Socialist Party insisted that it is the arrival of 5G and digitization plans are important that the Government has developed. From the Popular Party, Diego Gago, insisted on the ability to generate a specific branch on autonomous mobility linked to a National Plan for the Development of the Autonomous Vehicle.

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